How to be a Zen like the Big Lebowski?

More than twenty years after its premiere, The Big Lebowski has not only transcended for its black humor and hilarious situations. Also, because of this film Jeff Bridges, the actor who played the Dude, has dedicated himself to teaching the world to avoid anxiety and seek a Zen lifestyle.

It was in 1998. That year, The Big Lebowski, the Coen brothers’ film about the life of a beloved (ex) unemployed hippie – the Dude – was released, who ends up in a series of strange situations in Los Angeles, California.

And all from the moment someone enters your house and urinates on your carpet.

Today, more than two decades after its release, it is clear that The Big Lebowski is more than a cult film; By now, in fact, it’s already a whole cult. Here’s the proof: the Lebowski Festival, which has been running since 2002, goes from city to city within the United States (it also has a version in England), gathering hundreds of fans who dress up, play bowling and sing the songs of the soundtrack, like “Hotel California” by the Gipsy Kings, or that hedonistic anthem by Bob Dylan: “The man in me.”

And books. All those books. From cultural studies, bowling guides, and even philosophical, religious, and many books on Dudeism, that religion created from the Coen film.

However, there is another current that has emerged from The Big Lebowski.

Lebowski-style Buddhism.

Yes, Buddhism.

This because many and many see the Dude as someone who can put up with a lot (starting, of course, that someone urinates his favorite carpet) and who still takes everything in stride.

Actor Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman, one of the first to bring Buddhist teachings to America, have long talked about that. Both are authors of The Dude and the Zen Master (2013), a book of conversations in which they explain the Dude as the most relaxed being on the face of this earth.

The Benefit of Digital Glass Printing

The Benefit of Digital Glass Printing
Aside from the cost, a major benefit of digital glass printing is its durability Smart Glass Thailand. Once the design is
selected, a ceramic ink is digitally printed onto the glass, causing it to be thermally cured. Once
cured, digital glass is permanent, and will not peel or fade. Moreover, it is extremely durable –
unlike paper or plastic – and is a more environmentally friendly option than other printing

Digital printing glass | GLASS MANUFACTURER
When using digital ceramic printing on glass, designers can achieve a wide variety of
performance benefits, including privacy and energy efficiency กระจก ขุ่น. Architects and interior designers
can control a number of performance factors with ceramic inks. Aside from that, digital glass
printing is also recyclable, and uses nontoxic inks. This means that it can be used without
worrying about harmful heavy metals and other chemical reactions. Therefore, it is an excellent
option for any type of architectural glass.
While screen printing on glass produces high-quality print results, it is an inefficient method for
many applications. The process requires a lot of time and money to set up and calibrate each

color. Besides, it’s limited to four colors. In addition, screen printing on glass is very labor-
intensive, and is not flexible enough for larger designs. That’s why the benefit of digital glass

printing cannot be overstated. Aside from saving time and money, digital glass printing also
improves the quality of the finished product.
Digital glass printing can also improve the value of glass. Similar to the inkjet printing process,
the ceramic ink is jetted onto the glass surface. Once the glass is then tempered, the ceramic frit
design is fused to the glass’s surface. This results in a durable image embedded into the glass.
Moreover, digital glass printing is not just useful for art, but it can also add aesthetic value to the
product. The versatility of digital glass printing makes it a desirable option for a number of
commercial and industrial applications.

Dip-Tech Glass (@DipTechGlass) / Twitter
Another benefit of digital glass printing is that it can produce more customized images. Because
they are customizable, digital printing allows for more colors to be used in an image. Then, the
printer deposits the ink onto the glass substrate. Then, the glass is put through a tack oven,
allowing the ink to dry. However, some new generation printers are now capable of drying the
ink as it prints, which results in a matte finish without permanent adhesion.
The digitally printed glass is easy to maintain. Just like ceramic frit-coated glass, it can be
cleaned using a conventional window-washing solution and a nylon bristle brush. Avoid sharp
objects such as razor blades, putty knives, or metal parts of glazing tools when cleaning digital
glass. As long as the glass is properly installed, there’s no need to worry about its appearance.
The digital glass printing process will last for many decades – and your home will look beautiful
for years to come.

Beauty Tools to Try Consistently

Beauty Tools to Try Consistently
When choosing beauty tools, consistency is key. You will want to purchase a tool that you can
use consistently skin care tools, otherwise you may find yourself putting it to good use only once a month or so.
Beauty tools come into contact with the skin, so they need to be hygienic. Needling devices, in
particular, need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Here are some beauty tools to try:

5 Beauty Tools To Try ft. Facial Rollers, NuFace Micro-Current, Foreo Luna,  Beauty Blenders and Dry Brushes - Cat's Daily Living
Rose quartz tool increases blood flow
A rose quartz tool kit is your face’s BFF. Rose Quartz increases blood flow, eases tension and
promotes lymphatic drainage. Using the tool on your face can reduce facial puffiness and leave
your complexion looking radiant home beauty machine. You can also use the tool to receive the soothing vibrations of
love that are associated with rose quartz. However, make sure to use only authentic products
because imitations do not produce the same results. For the best results, purchase an authentic
Gua sha stone promotes lymphatic drainage
Whether or not the use of Gua Sha helps promote lymphatic drainage is still under debate, with
research indicating that it has both positive and negative effects. It may help increase circulation,
promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance cellular communication. In addition to these positive
effects, studies have shown that the use of gua sha can decrease scar tissue and promote
collagen synthesis. However, these effects are only speculations for now, and more research is
needed to be sure.

The Cheapest Beauty Tools That Actually Work | Into The Gloss
Foreo’s ice roller
The ice roller is a simple yet effective beauty tool that can help promote lymphatic drainage and
relieve sunburn. Its hexagonal shape and 24 “massaging” stones made from black tourmaline
create a sensation of relief on the skin. Users report improved circulation and lifted skin after
using this tool. It’s not just for the elderly and the rich; even men and women can benefit from
using this device.
Foreo’s pulsating disc
Foreo’s pulsating disk beauty tool uses T-Sonic sonic technology and silicone nubs to dislodge
impurities from the skin. This unique technology allows for deep pore cleaning without scrubbing.
Another popular beauty tool is the Shiseido cleansing massage brush, which is gentle and
provides a deep cleanse. The Droplette’s Microinfusion Device is an integral part of actress
Brooke Shield’s beauty routine. It can deliver hydrating ingredients deep beneath the skin
Hero Cosmetics’ Might Patch
Mighty Patch is a popular pimple patch made by Hero Cosmetics. Its creation in 2017 has
already been hailed as a game changer for pimple breakouts. The patch reduces blemishes

without irritating the skin, making it a must-have in many skincare regimens. But aside from
Mighty Patch, the company also offers regular skincare products and pimple aftercare kits.

The Best Platforms for the Perfect SEO Solutions

The Best Platforms for the Perfect SEO Solutions

SEO is cheap, SEO may seem like a costly activity at first, and in fact (on the surface) it is digital marketing in malaysia . In the beginning, you need to invest a lot of time and money to plan your activities and to work on your website regularly. At the beginning you invest a lot and gain little, sometimes almost nothing. However, after some time (which depends on many factors), the situation turns around, the money invested generates more and more profits, without increasing the expenditure on SEO activities. For that you will need to know what is seo.

  • You start to increase your visibility, and the more valuable that visibility is, the more customers you get. On a scale of several years, SEO is the cheapest channel for gaining traffic, which is additionally of very good quality. This is the cost principle in SEO. 
  • You will get a similar quality of traffic by investing in Google Ads, but this traffic will be much more expensive. Plus, the moment you stop paying for ads, you have absolutely nothing. Even if you stop investing, SEO traffic won’t go away. Of course, your competition will be able to threaten you over time, but you will not lose traffic overnight.

The Importance of SEO For Your Business | Drum Creative

Website construction depends on SEO

The most important rule in SEO is that building your website depends on your SEO strategy digital marketing agencies malaysia . No other channel interferes to such an extent with the structure, information architecture and operation of the website itself. It is your SEO goals that determine what your website will look like. Each type of paid advertising can be directed to any website, even those not in your domain. Traffic from social media can also be directed to any place. On the other hand, SEO requires a well-thought-out website and its relevant content. This is why you should start building a website based on preliminary analysis of keywords and competition. It often happens that the SEO audit we perform ends with the conclusion – “The website must be thoroughly rebuilt or rebuilt”. 

SEO Optimisation | Top Rated UK Boutique Marketing Agency — Marketiu

The Worst Option

The worst thing is when the owner has literally implemented a new website without consulting an SEO specialist. Therefore, as a rule, you should think about SEO already at the stage of initial assumptions of the website structure. What subpages you should have does not depend on you or the contractor of your website. The website structure is defined by your potential customers. How to check? All you need to do is do a keyword analysis and check what they are looking for on Google.

Traffic from Google is very good traffic Google and other search engines are one of the best sources of traffic. This is because only in search engines, potential customers enter exactly what they need. If someone is looking for something, they need it, simple! In other channels, such as most social media, it is completely different. Of course, you set target groups and you can reach the right people. However, you never know if your ad is reaching the person who needs your solution. 


SEO on Youtube is a topic for a separate article, so let’s skip this issue. Traffic from free search results is a very large part of the total traffic that Google generates. Therefore, it is worth investing in reading all SEO-related tutorials – it will pay off.

Infants Bouncy Baby Chairs –Easiness And Comfortable Equipment For The Infants             

Infants Bouncy Baby Chairs –Easiness And Comfortable Equipment For The Infants             

Baby Bouncer Chairs For The Newborns

Baby bouncer seat for infants is especially a versatile and inexpensive equipment for the new-born baby from their inception days onwards. Helpful in the beginning days for the parents too while they have to eat, bath etc. Few brands specifically design infants bouncers that will have the simple model making your baby relax bugaboo donkey review, soft nap, sleep and play. In contrast, some technically designed bouncers have music effects and environmental effects. Few are made of natural items like wood, metals etc.

Many bouncers can be used till the baby attain a weight of 25 pounds. Some baby can attain the weight of weighing 30 pounds can use the bouncer. Few models are designed so that even besides the small young person can sit on it, the baby too lay on it to have a maximum of 130 pounds.

Simple Questions That Can Help You Choose the Right Baby Gear


Care Should Be Taken Before Buying The Infant Bouncer Chairs

Safety straps- There must be many straps to give safety to your baby.

Motion- Gliding and vibrating side by side and bouncing vigorously gave the baby a gentle and calmness.

Seat Comfortability-Bouncy cushions are nicely padded and give the baby comfortable aspects.

Fun Toy Bar- A bar in front of the chair has several toys of different designs, providing the baby with fascination effects and a medium for the baby play and enjoy oneself.

Music/Sound effect- The auditory effect, too, have soothed calmness to the baby.


What cost And Where To Purchase?

The simple model will cost only $30, whereas the technical model may vary from4 80 to $350 or more. One can buy it either directly from the market or the online shops cum market. There should not be any compromise for his/her likeness about clothes because dressing sense will make their life more perfect in their future. After all, they are the little heroes.

Bond With Your Newborn | Ease Parents Work


Order the baby bouncing vibrating chair

You can prefer the baby bouncing vibrating chair, which includes the following features.

  • They are designed in the best way, which comes with the comfortable rotating seat and holds the soft spring that proffers the safest place for the baby for playing and sitting
  • It’s portable designing also provides easy using and moving from one place to another. When they are not in use, you can also fold or store them from anywhere.
  • They provide the utmost comfort, ability, and safety to babies to play and sit in them. They also develop healthiness in all.
  • The baby bouncing vibrating chair gives the height adjustment option to adjust their heights for the customized fitting.
  • They also allow the opening up from the top and even the rotation of around 360 degrees so that the babies can play from sideways.


Buy your choice of baby bouncing chair online, which are available at the best prices for all users around. Hurry up, buy them today that include all the advantages and attractive features which make the experience of babysitting and playing great. Make your purchase online to enjoy unlimited discount offers. 

How to arrange an excellent meeting place?

Nowadays there are a lot of places which is allowing everyone to conduct a meeting. Some people do not like to go anyplace to attend the meeting. But few people love to travel so they would like to attend the meeting. Both of these are possible ones. When you search meeting rooms on the internet then it displays a lot of event space venues. And the choice is yours you can choose the highly paid room or low-cost room. But the cost depends on how many hours do you want to conduct the meeting. Nothing is finer than a physical meeting askvenue. Because people can directly interact with the staff even virtual meeting is also good. Nowadays technology improvement has also made this job easier. Because staff can conduct virtual meetings through online applications and easily interact with people and there are a lot of applications are available on the internet and choose the best app to organize the meeting. Organizing a virtual meeting is environment friendly. 

8 Tips for Corporate Event Photography | Eventbrite

Difference between face-to-face and virtual meeting:

When the company organizes a physical meeting then it is very difficult for attendees. Because it may take a few hours and geographical disturbances to go to that place so most of them avoid this type of meeting. When the companies organize a virtual meeting then there are no issues to attendees because the only need is the internet and the device. So everyone prefers this model of conference. Sometimes it may cost more money travel and registration fee to attend the meeting in a physical meeting. If they book a very expensive room then the entrance charge is too high. But in a virtual meeting, you can cut travel charges and accommodation charges. Even a face-to-face meeting is the best way to make them understand the concept. But in virtual meeting network issues can distract the meeting. Finally, a face-to-face meeting is the best. 

Instructions to book meeting room:

There are only a few steps to booking a meeting room. The first step is to try to choose the best place. After choosing the places search the conference halls. The second step is when you choose the hall then contact the respective owners of the hall and collect cost details. Once you fix the place then go and visit the hall and then pay the rent. Sometimes rent is not the same because it depends on what type of room you choose. For example, if you choose an AC room with internet and other projection facilities and for that they will ask money from you. If not and your book only walk and talk conference room then it cost low. 

The third step is to ask whether they provide food or not. If they provide then you should pay for it. The fourth one is to fix how many hours you should take the conference. Because they allow only a few people to enter into the house so follow these instructions and book the best meeting space. At the last one is in a virtual meeting there is a huge chance of lack of concentration but in physical meetings, it will not happen.


Everything to know about casino games

Most people like to gamble from time to time but it is not necessary that they always win. Gambling is real fun but it also includes a lot of risks when you used to play with the real money. There are lots of people who are new in gambling used to play free casino games so that they can enhance their knowledge about various casino games. There are different types of games are offered at the casino and you can choose to play any of them according to your needs and desire. 

Casino game categories 

If you are playing the casino games for the first time then there are a lot of things that you need to consider so that you can enjoy the best gambling experience. Here is the information regarding the main casino game categories that help you to know more about the คาสิโนออนไล games:

Card games 

The card game category includes the games that are playing by using the cards. Most of the card games are generally covered by the table games category because these card games are played on the tables. There are lots of people who consider the card game as a specific type of game that includes baccarat, blackjack, and Caribbean Stud Poker games. Lots of people love to play card games because it involves a group of people where you can talk and communicate with other players and able to enjoy the game time. 

Table games 

Table games are quite simple games and they are played on the table. Table games include several card games but others are lots of other games also involve in this category such as craps and roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular table games among players all around the world. it is generally easy to play the table games and provide a lot of fun to the players. 

Electronic games 

Generally, electronic casino games are a little out-dated because they are played on the machines. In the land based casinos, electronic games include video poker and slots. These games are generally popular in the online casino because it does not require physical space to setup all the electronic machines. 

Lottery style games 

The lottery style games are usually not popular in the casino these days. These games are based on luck and it does not involve any decision making ability. One of the most popular games in this gaming category is Keno game. 

Jackpot games 

Any type of game that has the jackpot to be won comes under this type of category. Most of the video poker games and slots have the jackpots and there are a number of table games also includes in this category that has jackpot. 

So, these are some of the categories of the casino games that you can found in each and every kind of game. Different casinos have different categories of games and you can research well to choose the best casinos game that gives you higher satisfaction and pleasure. 

Marketing Online Optimizing websites with latest tools

Marketing Online – Optimizing websites with latest tools


Marketing Outreach - 2i1e: Digital marketing | Online creative advertising agency in SingaporeThe world has been observing the moves from a long time. The earliest move from the raw serving of food to the cooked you can be traced back to the time of creation of fire by human being. And, the latest shift that has been discerned is from customary desktop searches to the mobile internet stage. Persons are now utilizing their Smartphone which give them flexibility to seek anything on the internet, even when they are out for a stroll. This has put a little force on IT developer for optimizing the websites for the mobile use for marketing cryptocurrency software website online effectively.


The tips to swear by:

Here are top tips that will have help novice developers to brighten up their creation in the pro format.


Focus Major Characteristics

A Beginner's Guide to Successful Email Marketing

Everybody knows that a common mobile browser is not as efficient as that in desktop. Furthermore, the computer display of mobile also impersonates little limit in terms of dimensions and visibility. Due to all these components, you desire to decrease the content of site. For this, you should highlight the content that is highly appealing and significant.


Very Simple Usability


Another significant aspect marketing a website online for mobile devices is to make ultra very simple in terms of navigation. The connections in the site must have correct tab instructions and must be organized in the kind that compensates the unavailability of desktop facilities.


Correct Content Dimensions

Facebook Marketing in 2020: How to Use Facebook for Business

The dimensions of the content are the most important component that desires the attention. The size of text will hinder the visibility. You should be highly attentive to the dimensions and tenacity of the location while optimizing it for the mobile stage.


Visibility Components


Apart from the size of the content, you desire to mindfully optimize the correct elements like contrast, hue combination and brightness of the content. The design of the location should fit the mobile computer display without giving the look of over positioning. Make sure visibility matters a lot when it comes to marketing a website online.


Call To Action


Call to activity is the techniques that engage the stacking of the content the request of the client. It allow visitor to command the stacking of components, optimizing the site as per their convenience.


Maintain Interactivity


The decrease of the content should not hinder the interactivity of the site. Always recall that persons would not favor to visit the site that strains their appendages for the navigation. For marketing a website online, it is very important that your site must be interactive.


Content Replication


Many persons accept as true that the replication of the location topic (resembling from desktop type) may be ascribed by copyright characteristics. But, this is completely myth. Rather than, you should maintain the older gaze of the site in alignment to sustain the interest of the tourists.


Final conclusion:


The last, but not the smallest, is the domain title which should be very simple to recall and type on the mobile platform. Remember that your efforts for marketing a website online might go waste if you do not have apt domain.


6 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The Big Lebowski

We collected, without haste, some curiosities about the Note on the 15th anniversary of the premiere of the Coen brothers film.

If you were doing, you know, a little of this and a little of that, we recommend that you get up from the sofa for a moment, prepare a white Russian, and lie down in a preferably horizontal position to read what we have to tell you. We celebrate fifteen years since the premiere of The Big Lebowski, and we want to celebrate it as the occasion deserves, without haste.

Bush, Saddam and September 11

We can find conspiracy signals everywhere; we just have to be open to interpreting everything as a signal. For example, in the first scene of The Big Lebowski, Note buys milk at Ralph’s supermarket by signing a check for $ 0.69. The date on that check is September 11, 1991, just ten years before the Twin Towers attack. While paying, the cashier television shows to George Bush father talking about the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Chance? Obviously yes, since the film was released three years before the attacks. [minute 2:40 of the video]

Where does the note get the money from?

When the Note is asked about his occupation, his answer makes it very clear: A little of that … Come on, the poor Lebowski’s source of income is a mystery throughout the entire film. However, in the first version of the script, the Note was heir to some type of intellectual property on the Rubik’s Cube, which guaranteed him humble but continuous sustenance. Joel Coen preferred to discard this turn and chose never to reveal the true occupation of the protagonist.

In the repetition is the fun

Certain expressions are repeated throughout The Big Lebowski ad nauseam. For example, the name Nota ( Dude in the original version) is pronounced 160 times, and our protagonist uses the catchphrase uncle ( man in English) 147 times, more than once a minute. Although if we have to stay with an expression, this is fuck ( fuck in English) and all its variants, since it is repeated 292 times. Judging from this video, it seems like there are still many more.

Alternative actors? For what?

Other times we present in our things that you did not know about … some alternative actors who were taken into account to star in the films that we gutted. For The Big Lebowski, however, we will not give you that pleasure, since the script was written from the first moment thinking about the main trio ( Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi ), and the Coen brothers tend to trust in a very similar cast for many of his films. The only character who had a different candidate -candidate in this case- was Maude, played by Julianne Moore and for whom she sounded Charlize Theron.

Lebowski Fest

Like any self-respecting cult movie, The Big Lebowski has its annual gathering of fans, the Lebowski Fest. Since 2002, this event has brought together devotees of Nota in different cities in the United States and Europe. They congregate to drink white Russians, play bowling, and dress up as their favorite characters. The organizers of the event themselves report on their website that while the Coen brothers continue to maintain a certain distance of safety with the madness they have created, the party was blessed by the Note in person, Jeff Bridges. The latter attended the edition of Los Angels and even performed some songs. Stay tuned in case they pass through your city!

Preach the word!

In the same vein as Lebowski Fest, we can find the church of Dudeism (this would be … Notism? ), Which has as many priests as there are fans on Facebook (around 150,000). The requirements to become a minister of this religion are not, as you can imagine, especially rigorous.