Beauty Tools to Try Consistently
When choosing beauty tools, consistency is key. You will want to purchase a tool that you can
use consistently skin care tools, otherwise you may find yourself putting it to good use only once a month or so.
Beauty tools come into contact with the skin, so they need to be hygienic. Needling devices, in
particular, need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Here are some beauty tools to try:

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Rose quartz tool increases blood flow
A rose quartz tool kit is your face’s BFF. Rose Quartz increases blood flow, eases tension and
promotes lymphatic drainage. Using the tool on your face can reduce facial puffiness and leave
your complexion looking radiant home beauty machine. You can also use the tool to receive the soothing vibrations of
love that are associated with rose quartz. However, make sure to use only authentic products
because imitations do not produce the same results. For the best results, purchase an authentic
Gua sha stone promotes lymphatic drainage
Whether or not the use of Gua Sha helps promote lymphatic drainage is still under debate, with
research indicating that it has both positive and negative effects. It may help increase circulation,
promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance cellular communication. In addition to these positive
effects, studies have shown that the use of gua sha can decrease scar tissue and promote
collagen synthesis. However, these effects are only speculations for now, and more research is
needed to be sure.

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Foreo’s ice roller
The ice roller is a simple yet effective beauty tool that can help promote lymphatic drainage and
relieve sunburn. Its hexagonal shape and 24 “massaging” stones made from black tourmaline
create a sensation of relief on the skin. Users report improved circulation and lifted skin after
using this tool. It’s not just for the elderly and the rich; even men and women can benefit from
using this device.
Foreo’s pulsating disc
Foreo’s pulsating disk beauty tool uses T-Sonic sonic technology and silicone nubs to dislodge
impurities from the skin. This unique technology allows for deep pore cleaning without scrubbing.
Another popular beauty tool is the Shiseido cleansing massage brush, which is gentle and
provides a deep cleanse. The Droplette’s Microinfusion Device is an integral part of actress
Brooke Shield’s beauty routine. It can deliver hydrating ingredients deep beneath the skin
Hero Cosmetics’ Might Patch
Mighty Patch is a popular pimple patch made by Hero Cosmetics. Its creation in 2017 has
already been hailed as a game changer for pimple breakouts. The patch reduces blemishes

without irritating the skin, making it a must-have in many skincare regimens. But aside from
Mighty Patch, the company also offers regular skincare products and pimple aftercare kits.