The Best Platforms for the Perfect SEO Solutions

SEO is cheap, SEO may seem like a costly activity at first, and in fact (on the surface) it is digital marketing in malaysia . In the beginning, you need to invest a lot of time and money to plan your activities and to work on your website regularly. At the beginning you invest a lot and gain little, sometimes almost nothing. However, after some time (which depends on many factors), the situation turns around, the money invested generates more and more profits, without increasing the expenditure on SEO activities. For that you will need to know what is seo.

  • You start to increase your visibility, and the more valuable that visibility is, the more customers you get. On a scale of several years, SEO is the cheapest channel for gaining traffic, which is additionally of very good quality. This is the cost principle in SEO. 
  • You will get a similar quality of traffic by investing in Google Ads, but this traffic will be much more expensive. Plus, the moment you stop paying for ads, you have absolutely nothing. Even if you stop investing, SEO traffic won’t go away. Of course, your competition will be able to threaten you over time, but you will not lose traffic overnight.

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Website construction depends on SEO

The most important rule in SEO is that building your website depends on your SEO strategy digital marketing agencies malaysia . No other channel interferes to such an extent with the structure, information architecture and operation of the website itself. It is your SEO goals that determine what your website will look like. Each type of paid advertising can be directed to any website, even those not in your domain. Traffic from social media can also be directed to any place. On the other hand, SEO requires a well-thought-out website and its relevant content. This is why you should start building a website based on preliminary analysis of keywords and competition. It often happens that the SEO audit we perform ends with the conclusion – “The website must be thoroughly rebuilt or rebuilt”. 

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The Worst Option

The worst thing is when the owner has literally implemented a new website without consulting an SEO specialist. Therefore, as a rule, you should think about SEO already at the stage of initial assumptions of the website structure. What subpages you should have does not depend on you or the contractor of your website. The website structure is defined by your potential customers. How to check? All you need to do is do a keyword analysis and check what they are looking for on Google.

Traffic from Google is very good traffic Google and other search engines are one of the best sources of traffic. This is because only in search engines, potential customers enter exactly what they need. If someone is looking for something, they need it, simple! In other channels, such as most social media, it is completely different. Of course, you set target groups and you can reach the right people. However, you never know if your ad is reaching the person who needs your solution. 


SEO on Youtube is a topic for a separate article, so let’s skip this issue. Traffic from free search results is a very large part of the total traffic that Google generates. Therefore, it is worth investing in reading all SEO-related tutorials – it will pay off.