Call for a webmaster for Euros 2010 website

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Call for a webmaster for Euros 2010 website

Postby Bruce » Sun May 16, 2010 8:18 pm

Hi all.

Sorry for not having been around for a while.

I'm opening this new thread to ask if there's anyone who would be willing to be the webmaster for the 2010 Europeans homepage. The contents are basically ready: I already prepared graphics (buttons, backgrounds, images...), drafted the text parts, and designed a simple graphic layout.

What is strongly needed now is somebody with the necessary web and HTML skills to put all this stuff together and publish it on the Internet. Josh Junholtz already kindly provided a folder in the CoE's website ( for this purpose.

I'm not very experienced with this kind of things, but I think it would not require too much effort. No professional work is required after all. ;)

If anyone is willing to spend a few time to give a hand with this, PM or email me for further details.
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