[Hazard vs. Hero] Undead & Corruption

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[Hazard vs. Hero] Undead & Corruption

Postby zirilan » Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:01 pm

Undead & Corruption

Creatures (10)
3x Chill Dousers
3x Stirring Bones
1x Corpse-candle
1x Ghosts
1x Ghouls
1x Barrow-wight

Half-creatures (4)
1x Mouth of Sauron
1x Ren the Unclean
1x Ûvatha the Horseman
1x Elerína

Events (16)
3x An Unexpected Outpost
3x The Moon Is Dead
2x Twilight
1x The Balance of Things
2x Lure of Nature
2x Lure of Expedience
1x Lure of Power
1x Lure of the Senses
1x Alone and Unadvised

Sideboard (15)
1x The Roving Eye
1x Dragon-sickness
1x Shadow out of the Dark
1x Itangast at Home
1x Saruman the Wise
1x Scorba at Home
1x Lure of Creation
1x Alone and Unadvised
1x Many Sorrows Befall
3x Lost in Free-domains
3x Assassin

Play Notes

There is an aspect about corruption cards you cannot dismiss. Corruption cards can be played any time and almost to any company. They are hard to get rid of and are most annoying. They are even dangerous, if you cannot remove them in time. Following a corruption hazard strategy there are two steps. First is to increase the amount of corruption points ( [-me_cp-] ) a character has got. Second step is to force the character to make a corruption check ( [-me_cc-] ). Since many Undead hazard creatures have a built in function to force a character to make a [-me_cc-] they fit very good into the hazard creature part of the hazard deck.

In order to play Undead creatures you need the right site symbols ( [-me_rl-] , [-me_sh-] , [-me_dh-] ) or the right region symbols ( [-me_wi-] [-me_wi-] , [-me_sl-] , [-me_dd-] ). So the obvious blind spot playing Undead is ( [-me_fh-] , [-me_bh-] , [-me_fd-] , [-me_bl-] ) a faction heavy Gondor deck. You won't need to bother about ( [-me_cs-] ) since all the sites located there are ( [-me_rl-] ). In this deck you cover the blind spot with 3x Assassin and 3x Lost in Free-domain in the sideboard.

To make Undead attacks more effectiv by enhancing there power (prowess & strikes) and keyability. The best cards for this task are Chill Douser and The Moon Is Dead. The Chill Douser are a creature & enhancer card in one (it will only take one slot in your deck while serving two functions). The Moon Is Dead is a permanent-event and does even work without Doors of Night.
Image Image

The right choice of corruption cards is important. Since you are low on deck slots you have to pick corruption cards that do both, add corruption points and force a [-me_cc-] . Good for this purpose are Lure of Nature that inflicts one [-me_cc-] per [-me_wi-] and Lure of Expedience for each new played item in the company (can also be played onguard).
Image Image

Without the common card Foolish Words you can do pretty less against opponent raising one faction after the other. But this deck will use an even greater horror to the big guys or even Wizard raising armys: Lure of Power. This card onguard will be the doom of a clueless Wizard trying to get a faction. A [-me_cc-] modified by -4 is crule, thought the characte was sure the target of a corruption card this turn in addition.
NOTE: Beware of Backfire of this card. If it did not trigger to your opponents successful faction roll it will hit the next character that might be one of yours.

In the mid- or endgame there is an evil combo pulveriseing half of opponents corruption loaded characters. The Balance of Things followed by Ren the Unclean. While The Balance of Things will double one source of [-me_cp-] for each single character Ren the Unclean will force each character to make a [-me_cc-] .
Image Image
NOTE: Your own characters will be target of this effects too. Consider to play this hazard deck with a Hobbit resource deck.

We have got a special surprise for Arthedain & Rhudaur decks, that are quite common (Rangers of the North, Tom Bombadil, etc.). Elerína starting in Carn Dûm can move to Bree for example and wait to summon Undead with Shadow out of the Dark. Even without an special agent card this agent can be quite deadly.
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