[Hazard vs. Hero] An impassable storm (Roadblock)

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[Hazard vs. Hero] An impassable storm (Roadblock)

Postby zirilan » Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:43 pm

Roadblock Hazard Deck by Lucas Ferreyra

This deck is best use when playing one of the following resource decks yourself:
Minions: Under-deep, Mordor-shuffle, or Shadowhold-squatters etc.
Hero: Under-deep or Squatters
Fallen Wizard: any deck that mainly squats

Resource Cards

3x Twilight

Hazard Cards

3x Assassin
2x Nameless Thing
2x True Fire-drake
2x Were-worm
2x Cave-drake

1x Adûnaphel
1x Mouth of Sauron

2x An Unexpcted Outpost
3x Doors of Night
3x Peril Returned
3x Withered Lands
3x Long Winter
3x Snowstorm


1x Ren the Unclean
1x Anarin
1x Nimloth
1x Elwen

1x An Unexpcted Outpost
2x Drowning Seas
2x Lost in Free-domains
1x Rolled Down to the Sea
1x The Balance of Things
2x The way is Shut
2x Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent
2x Muster Disperses
2x Dragon's Blood
2x River

Play Notes

Try to turn everything to Wilderness ( [-me_wi-] ) useing your Withered Lands (you can shift symbols on the left side of a site card too) and play all your ammo there, including the creatures. Point them specially to the Rangers to avoid Promtings of Wisdom. If Rangers are difficult to stop, try with Dragon's Blood + River. It is vital for this hazard deck to recycle your Twilights in Order to protect your Doors of Night + Snowstorms. Use your Agents to annoy companies that squat at Havens ( [-me_ha-] ).
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