Advice about selling Complete Lidless Eye set (german)

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Advice about selling Complete Lidless Eye set (german)

Postby henrikbe » Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:48 am


I have a complete set of Lidless Eye in german (with a special box, and a numbered certificate etc). Now I'm thinking about selling it, but I was wondering what would be my best strategy (obviously I want as high a price as possible for it). Would I be better off selling it as a complete set on ebay, or should I break it up into single rares for the most valuable rares (Lidless Eye, Elf Lord, Chill Them etc) and maybe sets of 5 rares for the less valuable rares? Of course breaking it up like this would be much more effort, but if the total sum will be higher, it might be worth it.

Or do you think people in general are willing to buy more for complete sets?
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