3,550 cards for sale

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3,550 cards for sale

Postby Ratranhif » Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:49 am


I'm thinking about selling some of my cards because I have not been playing for ages and, sadly, do not expect to be able to play in the future :( . So, after overcoming dragon sickness I decided that perhaps someone else will use and enjoy these cards.

There are 3,550 cards with 1,074 different card names, if I can trust my list. Most of the cards are from Wizards Unlimited: METWU 1233, METW 883, METD 599, MEDM 345, MELE 198, MEAS 151, MEWH 141. Rarity distribution: Rare 158, Fixed 311, Uncommon 787, Common 2294. I am attaching a spreadsheet so you can see all details and slice'n'dice.

Not sure what is a reasonable price and would appreciate any advice. I am in CA, USA. Potentially can ship abroad if shipping costs are not prohibitive.

Any commentaries are welcome. If you are interested, please send me a personal message.
MECCG for Sale.xlsx
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