MECCG Cards for Sale Price List

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MECCG Cards for Sale Price List

Postby aont1978 » Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:55 am

All Prices quoted in New Zealand $$. Shipping coming from New Zeland.

Most if not all cards in Mint / Near Mint condition.

Postage can be combined. Discount offered on multiple buys. May offer individual cards from the loose rares list and promo cards for sale.

Books Price = $50 plus Postage (for all 3)
Wizards Playing Guide = $20 plus Postage
Wizards Companion = $10 plus Postage
The Lidless Eye Companion = $30 plus Postage

Complete Sets:

Limited Blackbordered = $200 plus postage

Dragons Complete Set and extra Rares = $80 plus postage
(Wild Fell Beast x2, Bairanax, Scatha, Earcaraxe, Wormsbane, Mathom Lore, Aguranar at home, Earcaraxe at home, Leucaruth at home, Scatha at home, Scorba at home, Itangast at home, Smaug at home, Passion of wrath)

Incomplete Sets:

Dark Minions = $70 plus postage
(6 to complete – The Under Galleries, Shadow out of the Dark, Herb-lore, Mallorn, Pass the doors of Dol Guldur, Aiglos.) + these additional rares
(the under courts, the sulfert deeps, the iron deeps, gems of arda, An unexpected party, the hunt, Balance between powers, into the smoking cone, Elerina, Baduila, My precious, Umagaur the Pale, Out of the black sky, the black enemy’s wrath, Twisted tales, tribal totem, like the crash of battering-rams, revealed to all watchers)

White Hand = $65 plus postage
(9 to complete – Euog(Ulzog), Arcane School, Await the onset, Earth-eater, Girdle of Radagast, Glove of Radagast, The White Hand, The Fiery Blade, Rolled down to the Sea.)

Against the Shadow = $120 plus postage
(26 to complete – Mauhur, Wuluag, Dwarven Ring of Thelor’s Tribe, Secret Book, Troth-ring, Alliance of free peoples, Treason the Greatest Foe, Angmarim, Haradrim, Bairanax Roused, Itangast Roursed, Leucaruth Roursed, Morgul-orcs, Nuriags, Orcs of Dol Guldur, Gandalf the White Rider, Lady of the Golden Wood, Lord of the Carrock, Saruman the Wise, Will Shaken, Gobel Mirlond, Edhellond, Gold Hill, Rhosgobel, The sulfur-deeps.

Lidless Eye = $35 plus postage
I have some rares – Carambor, Lieutenant of Angmar, Snaga, Dwarven ring of Barins Tribe, The Mithril Coat, Palantir of Amon Sul, Akhorahil Unleashed, Freeze the Flesh, Ready to his will, Heedless revelry, Plague, Waiting Shadow, commons and uncommons but not much)

Loose Rares:

Limited Blackbordered = $100 (for both unlimited and limited Rares) plus postage
Morgul-horse, morgul-knife x2, morgul night x3, The nazgul are abroad x2, the balance of things, Dwar of waw, Indur dawndeath, Ren the unclean, Vilya x2, true fana, fell beast, Assassin x2, the will of sauron, cirith ungol, Elrond, Denethor 2 x2, thorin 2, gwaihir x2, skinbark, easterlings, dwarven ring of druins tribe, dwarven ring of bavors tribe, wizards ring, clear skies, eagle-mounts, fair sailing, fair travels in free-domains, morannon, nenya, paths of the dead, secret entrance, the white tree, fell turtle, smaug, shelob, pukel-men, mumak, silent watcher, the great goblin, lost in dark-domains, siege.

Unlimited Bluebordered
Daelomin, The will of the ring, Morgul-Horse, Morgul-knife, Carn Dum, Dunharrow, Isles of the Dead that live, stone-circle, Dwar of Waw, Hoarmurath of Dir, Adunaphel, Variag Camp, Arwen, Bilbo, Elrond, Galadriel, roac the raven, tom bombadil, elves of lindon, easterlings, variags of khand, Dwarven ring of durins tribe, swarven ring of dwailins tribe, palantir of amon sul, wizards ring, palantir of annuminas, eagle mounts, fair travels in dark-domains, great ship, narya, nenya, stone of erech, fell turtle, pukel-men, shelob, silent watcher, lost at sea, The nazgul are abroad.

Promotional Cards = $50 (for all of them) plus postage
Neeker Breekers x5, Black Arrow x5, The Iron Crown, Furty of the Iron Crown x3, Ireful Flames x2, Angmar Arises

Commons and Uncommons from various sets. Contains duplicates.

Limited (1000 +)
Unlimited (100 +)
Dragons (500 +)
Dark Minions (500 +)


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Re: MECCG Cards for Sale Price List

Postby mjmccie » Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:13 am


Do you have any of these still for sale?

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