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Cards to trade

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here the list of cards I can offer. Feel free to give me your trading list, as I could be interested in all kind of cards in ANY LANGUAGE.
I ever traded with some Europeans here, so it's no problem for me to send the cards into any european country.

[-me_eye-] Have a nice play,

>>> Offering <<<
La carte maître d'arme FR 3
Invocation de carte promo 1 2 3 4 5

The under grottos
The under leas

Army of the dead unlim
Clear skies FR
Dwarven ring of Barin's FR
Dwarven ring of Barin's unlim
Dwarven ring of Bavor's unlim
Dwarven ring of Druin's unlim
Dwarven ring of Durin's unlim 2
Dwarven ring of thelor's unlim
Dwarven ring of thrar's eng lim 2
Dwarven ring of thrar's unlim
Easterlings unlim
Elf song FR 2
Fair sailing unlim
Favor of the valar eng lim
Favor of the valar FR
Fell turtle EngLim
Gollum's fate eng lim
Great ship EngLim 2
Haldalam 2 eng lim
Hobbits eng lim
isles of the dead that live eng unlim
Leucaruth unlim
Lucky Search FR
Nenya FR
Palantir of orthanc FR
Palantir of osgiliath EngLim
Palantir of osgiliath FR 2
Palantir of osgiliath unlim
Pukel men EngLim
Pukel men unlim 2
Sacrifice of form FR 2
Secret entrance FR
Secret entrance unlim 2
Siege eng lim
Skinbark FR
Smaug eng unlim
The great eagles unlim
The great goblin EngLim 2
The great goblin Unlim 2
The pale sword unlim
The precious FR
Thief FR
True Fana FR 2
True fana unlim
Variags of khand EngLim 2
Wizard's laugh FR

Agburanar at home FR
Bairanax at home Eng 2
Deftness of agility FR 2
Dragon's hunger Eng
Dragon's hunger FR
Earcaraxe at home eng
Earcaraxe at home FR 2
Fever of unrest FR
Frenzy of madness FR 2
Itangast at home Eng
Itangast at home FR
King under the mountain eng
King under the mountain FR 2
Legendary hoard FR
Leucaruth at home FR
Nenselde the winglid eng
Nenselde the winglid FR
Parsimony of seclusion Eng
Parsimony of seclusion FR
Prowess of age eng
Prowess of might FR
Scatha at home Eng
Scorba at home eng
Smaug at home FR
Subtelety of guile eng 2
Velocity of haste eng
Were worm eng
Were worm FR 2

Eyes of mandos Eng
Bring our curses home eng
Lindion the oronin eng 2
Long dark reach Eng
Long dark reach FR

agburanar roused FR
Adunaphel unleashed FR
Akhorahil unleashed FR
beornids FR
binding ring DE
binding ring FR
darkness under trees FR
dol amroth FR
dunish men FR
dwarven ring of barin's (m) DE
dwarven ring of barin's (m) FR
dwarven ring of bavor's (m) DE
dwarven ring of bavor's (m) FR
dwarven ring of bavor's (m) eng
dwarven ring of druin's (m) DE
dwarven ring of druin's (m) FR
dwarven ring of durin's (m) DE
dwarven ring of durin's (m) FR
dwarven ring of dwalin's DE
dwarven ring of dwalin's FR
Elf lord revealed in wrath eng
Eryn vorn woses FR
forochel wargs FR
freeze the flesh FR
hill trolls FR
hillmen FR
Khamul unleashed FR
palantir of annuminas FR
palantir of osgiliath FR
scatha roused FR
scorba roused FR
smaug roused FR
snaga eng 2
tarcil FR
the oracle ring FR
the reviled ring DE
the stones (m) eng
the witch king unleashed eng
thranduil's folk FR
Uvataha unleashed FR
white mountain wolves FR

Alatar the hunter
Lord of the haven
Our own wolves
Radagast the tamer
Short legs are slow

arcane school 2
await on the onset
blasting fire
Counterfeit 3
cruel claw perceived
Floatsam & jetsam
half orcs
Inner rot
keys of orthanc
mask torn
nature's revenge
power relinquished to artifice 3
sojourn in shadows
Something else at work
the white council 2
whole villages roused 2
Will you not come down 2
wizard's trove
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