Lure XV - completing my English Lidless Eye set

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Lure XV - completing my English Lidless Eye set

Postby gollum51 » Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:38 pm


I have got 4 French Lidless Eye sets but only an incomplete English one - which is a pity as I prefer reading Tolkien in English.
Here are the cards I miss (list includes 4 uncommon):
Characters Hador U
The Mouth R
Nain R
Threlin R
Ulkaur the tongueless R
Items Dw ring of Durin's tribe R
Dw ring of Bavor's tribe R
The one ring R
Palantir of Osgiliath R
Palantir of Elostirion R
Poison R
Events Adunaphel unleashed R
Bitter Cold R
Down down to goblin town U
Dwar unleashed R
Foul trophies R
Freeze the flesh R
Indur unleashed R
Khamul unleashed R
Messenger of Mordor R
Morgul blade R
No more nonsense R
No news of our riding R
One dear to you R
Rumour of the one R
Ruse R
Smoke on the wind R
Some secret art of flame R
Spying out the land R
Veils of shadow R
The Witch_king unleashed R
Factions Agburanar roused R
Balchoth R
Beornings R
Hillmen R
Ice orcs R
White mountain wolves R
Allies Last child of Ungolianth R
Creature Elf Lord revealed in wrath R
Landroval R
Thranduil's folk R
Uruk Lieutenant R
Wandering eldar R
Hazard event Chill them with fear R
Plague R
Something has slipped R
Webs of fear & treachery R
Sites Bandit lair U
Dimrill Dale U
The stones R
The Worth Hills R

If anyone is interested, I can trade for French LE cards, rares from other MECCG sets or other gaming stuff (Middle Earth puzzles the way is shut and Arwen's choice, Middle Earth Role Playing modules, star wars CCG, L5R CCG starters, Magic Commander deck), especially if we can meet at Lure.

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