Lure XV - completing my playset

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Lure XV - completing my playset

Postby gollum51 » Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:30 pm


I am getting close to completing my Dark Minions and White Hand playset. I only need the following cards:
MEDM Shadow out of the dark R2 x2
MEDM Hour of need R2
MEDM Ordered to kill R3
MEWH Girdle of Radagast R2
Any language will do.

I am also trying to complete my AtS playset (but it requires a bit more work...). Here is what I miss:
MEAS Secret book C2
MEAS Thrall ring R2
MEAS Throth ring R2
MEAS All the bells ringing U3 x2
MEAS Alliance of free people R2 x2
MEAS Mount slain R2
MEAS Spies feared R2 x2
MEAS The ash mountain deep C2
MEAS Faithless stewart R2
MEAS The great eye R2
MEAS Hail of darts R2
MEAS Hoard well searched C2 x2
MEAS Hounds of Sauron R2
MEAS Legendary stairs C2
MEAS Steeds R2
MEAS Treason the greatest foe R2
MEAS Well preserved U3 x2
MEAS World gnawed by the nameless R2
MEAS A lie in your eye R2
MEAS Near to hear a whisper R2 x2
MEAS One foe to breed a war R2 x2

If you have any of these cards that you could trade, I'd be very happy. Especially if we can do the trade at Lure!

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