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Wanted list

Postby Elsanto » Fri Nov 14, 2014 6:43 am

Hi i'm looking to trade the following cards:
A few recruits
Beorning skin changers
Cave troll
Cloaked by Darkness
Darkness wielded
Great army of the North
Long Gievous Siege
Longbottom leaf
Unabated in malice

I have a lot of rares to trade for example:

Meas Nurniags
Leacaruth roused
METW assassin
METW assassin in dutch
MELE chill them with fear
MEBA Eddy in fate's tide
MEBA fled into darkness
MEBA grond
MEBA memories of old torture
MEBA monstrosity of diverse shape
MEBA press gang
MEBA rumour of rings
MEBA the reek
MEBA spawn of ungoliant
TWU the one ring
MEBA the sun shone fiercely
MEBA ungoliant's foul issue
MEBA ungoliant's progency

Who can help me out?

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