Want to Buy or Trade: "METW Limited - Frodo - JAP"

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Want to Buy or Trade: "METW Limited - Frodo - JAP"

Postby Nargash » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:58 pm

Hello everyone.

Firstly I want to apologize for my English. It isn't good :oops:

I come to you, because I'm looking to buy this card:

JAP - Middle Earth - MECCG - The Wizards Limited (Japanese card) - Frodo.
I am ready to pay the price! :D

If I can offer you these cards, for trade:

French Middle-Earth - MECCG - The Dragons Players Guide (in French).
(Guide des Dragons en français).

- English Middle Earth - MECCG - The Dark Minions Players Guide (in French).
(Guide des Sombres Séides en français).

- Middle Earth - MECCG - Double-Sided French promo Fatty Bolger / Merry - NEW
(with Casus Belli Magazine Special Issue No. 18). :twisted:

You can reach me at this email address:


Thank you and see you soon!

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