Dragons have and want list! Help me out!!

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Dragons have and want list! Help me out!!

Postby FriendofFrodo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:18 am

I live in US and would prefer local trades but would consider some international trades. All cards in nm or m condition.


Fram Framson R
Helm of Her Secrecy R
The Riddle Game R
Gothmog R
Bairanax at Home R
Stormcrow SP

Have Rares:

Earcaraxe Ahunt
Exile of Solitude 2
Passion of Wrath
Shadow of Mordor 2
Scorba at Home 3
Wild Fell Beast 3
Shadow of Mordor
Leucaruth at Home 3
known to an ounce
Agburanar at Home 2
Black Breath
Earcaraxe at Home 2
Scorba 2
Song of the Lady
Were-worm 2
Deftness of Agility 3
Parsimony of seclusion 2
Prowess of Age 3
Exile of Solitude
Frenzy of Madness
prowess of Might
Subtlety of Guile 3
Winds of Wrath 3
King Under the Mountain
Fever of Unrest
Many Sorrows Befall
Emerald of the Mariner
Staff Asunder
Daelomin at home
Smaug at home
Dragons's hunger 3
Skin-changer 4
Returned Exiles
Scatha at Home
Itangast at Home
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