742-play Throkmaw

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742-play Throkmaw

Postby dirhaval » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:23 am

pasted from last pages of PDF file.

Throkmaw the Vain was a tough avatar for me. I was biased about moving a Dragon-lord with
other characters. Small company sizes around the Grey Mountains need much support.

A low 16 MP pile was earned after 16 turns. The starting company made a split on Turn 1 and
tapped no sites that turn. The avatar was played on Turn 2. Only three sites were tapped in the
first 10 turns. This shows that large companies must move together in this large game and then
using direct influence boosters to form multiple companies. Also, the dragon must be active too
else in Dream mode.

No characters of the player were eliminated. A few sites were available for simple play of
Dragon-scales. But having an untapped Sage for Dark Forges. The attempt to play that Sage
event costs three turns at The Wind Throne. Celeb-ost may need to be removed as the site for
another Dragon’s Den.

Pale Enchanted Gold was not much of a use. Bold Thrust is better than Blow Turned to give the
Dragon-lord prowess to stay untap playing Against the Eye. More sages are needed; each Voices
of Malice was discarded in the first playdeck.

The failed influence attempt against Khuzdrepa Roused cost 5 MPs. The next turn Alatar killed
the At Home manifestation. Aranruth was discarded and a 3 roll was made. So you know Lomaw
Roused was attempted to be played with the same sword, but a low roll doomed the attempt.
Seven sites were tapped including three Lairs. Item storage was not a factor for this player.

This player faced 34 hazards including 9 creatures. He exhausted on Turn 12, but started Turn 10
with 10 in the discard pile.

He played 39 hazards and used 23 agent actions. Those killed include two Cave Worms, Giant,
Thunder’s Companion, and Ice Giant. Lucky Strike was used in two of the deaths. Hibernating
Troll and Shifting Paths saw the least use.
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