741-play Smaug

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741-play Smaug

Postby dirhaval » Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:14 am

Please note that I was fluid with unique items during the game to find the best
deck for the item avoiding duplicates. You will see an item played one turn, then
see it replaced with another the following turn.

This player had great success gaining 32 MPs. So many cancelers allowed the easy 1 or 2 region
movement to avoid creatures. Easterling Camp was the only long distance site. Magic Ring of
Savagery is a useful item. Smaug the Golden flew away with 4 Game Points for his hoard.

Luitprand was killed on Turn 1 by Ambusher. Smart and Secret and battle-gear items are keeping
the characters alive. Gisulf was played on Turn 1.Gergeli was played on Turn 8 to give two
strong companies moving. Enslaved Dwarves were played on Turn 11 and two dwarves played
on Turn 16. One company now has four characters with two having 9 body and the others with
10 body.

11 Sites were tapped including 7 Lairs. Thundercleft was not tapped after its host was killed
by Alatar using Sacrifice of Form and Old Thrush. It was this player’s Home manifestation.
The Dwarven Ring was played on Turn 14 and given to King’s Judge. Turn 17 will have that
dwarve also with belegennon to influence Daelomin Roused; that is 7 CPs.

Gleaming Golden Hoard now gives +1 hand and 1 MP.
Long Lying on His Costly Bed is given +2 body. [I do count Necklace of Girion as 3 MP since
that is normally worth 3 MP. Cheesy, but its Smaug; he made it into the book by name.
Turn 7 Long Marshes a Dragon’s Abode with Made His Dwelling There. This other Dragon Den
allowed limited turns forcing influence checks to keep characters in play.
This player faced 39 hazards. 7 were creatures. He exhausted on Turn 10 when starting that turn
with 3 cards in the discard pile. The second deck should exhaust on Turn 17.

Something Has Slipped is an effective card on this player with so many low prowess characters.
What an opponent must do is to wound the minions forcing healing. That will cause the avatar to
seek shelter at the other Dragon’s Den. Move to that Den forcing a choice of either CvCC or
making rolls when with his own characters.

4 creatures were killed. The Reek was useless for the first deck missing the Spawn hazards.
Black Vapour did not have the Spider creature in hand. 14 starting hazards were discarded in that
first deck.
practice game notes up to Turn 16.
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