723-play Felagrog

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723-play Felagrog

Postby dirhaval » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:57 am

copied from last page of PDF.

An avatar solely in the Under-deeps will have a relatively easy task, which Felagrog did.
His goal is to have a strong company with the avatar ready to invade into a dwarf-hold at the end
of 16 turns. This has happened.

16 turns allowed having 30 MPs and 15 tapped sites. The deck exhausted on Turn 11. That first
deck drew 9.0 cards per turn (average) and shuffled 22 cards. The weakness for this player will
be facing many hazard creatures early tapping out characters.

Buthrakaur was not played until Turn 12, which was expected. Surprisingly only one character
was eliminated; that was after facing many Nameless Things. Avatar was played on Turn 2 and
began tapping frequently to access the sideboard. He has been in Great Shadow fana every turn
after that. I rather have the avatar as a Flame of Udun early to play resources including Descent
Through Fire.

Great Fissure just keeps the minions untapped. That event was shuffled once in the second deck.
Large companies allow at least one to tap the site. Almost all the resources that tap a site were
played during the first deck. Vanguard of Might was never used. Now, both companies will stay
in the under-deeps until the second deck hoping that this card could be used.
43 hazards were played on this player. 10 of them were creatures (no trophies) including 3
Nameless Things.

39 or so hazards were played by this player. 3 Dragon creatures were played and Scorba was
killed by Lord Dain using Strength of the EE, Lucky Strike and Ebony Arrows. The Ahunt was
now useless. Khuzadrepa creature was useless after Alatar kills the At Home manifestation.

Overall, this player was successful with MPs. The factions are in the deck allowing the marathon
move on the surface by the company now at Moria. Two Great Trolls give confidence to begin
playing the mission events without this surface company available. Breach the Hold will be
played when drawn. Invade Their Domain may have to wait until the second company arrives.

The safety in the under-deeps seems that this player was inevitable to be ready during the
Warlord Phase to play the mission events with ease. That is why I selected a dwarf-hold to raid
and that to be under Mordor. I want now just one Great Troll to be used and not two for the
updated deck. A raided Nurunkhizdín causes too many players at that spot on the map especially
if fallen Alatar is an avatar. A raided Azagarbhum is an option, but that is too much trouble for
Saruman and a fallen Pallando who will play Man factions from a site south of Mordor. Then the
two Blue Wizards will be in direct conflict east of Mordor. A raid under Mordor is the logical
choice forcing difficulty on this player to balance the game in my opinion.
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