751-play Mouth

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751-play Mouth

Postby dirhaval » Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:22 pm

This player gained the most MPs of the Minions at 34. It seemed like a stagnant deck due to the
Mouth staying at Dol Guldur from risk of moving. Mouth moves four times. Overts tap 8 sites
including Moria. A massive pile of 4 Game Points were earned.

One orc was killed during CvCC. Ugluk was discarded on Turn 2 with Elfhewer after the play of
Veils Flung Away. That was a setback. It was tough to test for a Dwarven Ring by storing it.
Gorfaur now has 12 DI from High Helm, two Slew GW cards, a trophy and Warlord. Ukog is
slowing the minions; they had to move to Hermit’s Hill before moving onward to Moria. This
can give the elves time to attack with ents.

44 hazards were played on this player in these four turn segments [16-4-8-16]. A third were

Three factions have been played. A low 5 resources cards were discarded from hand during the
first deck with so many useful cards in the deck. Gift of Deceit a great way to recycle. First deck
has 8.2 cards drawn per turn and 16 cards were shuffled. Deck exhausted on Turn 12, but end of
Turn 10 had 11 cards, so competent use of On-guard should get this deck exhausted in 10 turns.
May be that card is too powerful.

Hazards were played easily – only 7 discarded from hand during the first deck. Many creatures
were killed (7 of 18). A good number of hazards were played at 46.
Lord Dain faced many of the hazards including one turn: ToTTP, Hobgoblins, Orc-Lieut, Fury of
the Iron Crown > 1s15p that killed Mountaineer; Redoubled Force.

Lord Denethor was affected too with: ToTTP, Hobgoblins, Orc-Lieut (killed) by Sun. Orc-Patrol
(killed, even a strike on Ioreth).

Now, this player will focus on playing the rest of the factions and attacking Thranduil. It will be a
battle under the trees.
notes of the 16 turns of 40 player practice game
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