753-play Azog

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753-play Azog

Postby dirhaval » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:15 am

This player was the best overall through 16 turns. He gained 28 MPs and exhausted first on Turn
9, which was the only player to exhaust prior to Turn 10. It was nice when Azog came into play
early on Turn 4. Hurog was plyed on Turn 12, which was delayed due to general influence limits.
As of now, the three unique Orcs must visit Carn Dum to get the right companies made. He has
earned 4 Game Points.

Two characters were killed at Lairs from the automatic-attacks. This lead to a change in the deck
to may be visit one Lair. Do not be scared; enter a lair if you dare by path or stair if you want the
treasure share.

More creatures played against this player may leave the small companies tapped for the site
phase. Orc Quarrels and Crept Along Cleverly used every time. Iron Mountains was never used.
Mainly due to having only Bolg as the only Ranger in the company. 11 of the starting resources
were discarded for no effect during the first deck, which is average.

The company’s were successful tapping 13 sites. Three Lairs were tapped after three turns! Now,
the Orcs will focus on playing dragon factions and taking hero characters prisoner.
It was a crime on the low number of hazards played against this player.
Cave-worm attacked on Turn 7 followed by Corlagon, but it was fizzled with Twilight.
The Eriador and Northern Waste Divisions both played two hazards!
Orc creatures were played often. Seven of the 18 creatures have been killed including all Orc-
Warriors. Orc-Archers were discarded two out of five tries mainly due to lacking the creature in
hand. The Back Door was discarded twice. Two or Three Tribes Present were discard all six
times in hand. Left Behind was exchanged during the exhaust and all three discarded in a few
turns to start the second deck.

Overall, this player was successful with small companies, but was lucky with a flake of hazards.
Turn notes for 16 turns
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