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This Dragon-Lord remembers the First Age where there was no Moon or Sun. He wandered the North Seas while the War of Wrath sent Beleriand to the seas.
Lomaw is a grey-white Ice-drake from Collarmount in Talath Oiohelka. This wyrm is not the wisest, smartest, or craftiest of the Dragons of the North.
He makes it up through wit and riddling using words as sublime as the chilled water that he roams.
Isolation is a factor to Lomaw's success. Fights of rivals among the fire-drakes are found in the Grey Mountains
and winged-drakes are fond of more common food sources where the Tundra ends and plains begin.
This advantage provides the secret knowledge to whisper words for gaining the aid of other dwellers of the ice and snow.

Dragons and demon will plague those in Deep Wilderness or Double Shadow-lands. Were-worms will discard an item forcing
that card to be in hand again allowing the item to be discarded again in a riddle game. The lands will be withered
and the bonds of winter think on the land. Panic will be on those facing the harsh Fell Winters of Middle-Earth driving them into dank holes with Pit Traps.

This player is in the Northern Waste Division opposing Alatar.

Lomaw's long term goal is to find a new lair closer to Ekkaia. Either he will lay waste to the Illuin Mountains settlements or move west.
The Free Peoples' homesteads will be reduced to twigs and ash from the Army of the Ice-Drake.
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