507-Dragon Lord changes

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507-Dragon Lord changes

Postby dirhaval » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:13 am

This topic discusses a change in the original list of avatars.

Avatar Fankil in the Illuin Mountains has decided the cold was not for him.
Lomaw the Old will replace Fankil. This change will only take place in the deck files
and not in the current test game. I have listened to the wise council of others that
Fankil did not fit.

Fankil has promise if the map is extended by a pioneer crossing the Talathant. This avatar has not
be flushed with specific cards or abilities. Five other Dragon-Lords are available out of the egg.


Smaug the Golden can be removed to allow Lord Thorin an easier chance to retake Erebor, but if that
is the case then he should be replaced with a Withered Hearth Dragon. Moving Throkmaw the Vain to Lord Thorin
as an opponent is unfair since Thorin is mostly in Eriador. Smaug can stay.
Scatha the Worm is too much trouble for the Heroes near Mirkwood. If Azog is removed, then I can see
replaceing that player with Scatha using Bolg with Enchanting Stare.

The three Withered Hearth Dragon-Lords were considered. But I want the Lairs in that site to be the nexus
of conflict for everyone. Lomaw has easier access to the Illuin Mountains and retake most of Fankil's deck.
Also, Lomaw can add his riddling and offering abilities along with direct influence enhancers to play
A Gift to Lords and Men, Treason He Sent Forth, Spellbound, Dire Negotiations and to enhance Iron Crown use.
Lomaw will also be more of a nuisance to Throkmaw robbing a Lair not in the Grey Mountains or Withered Hearth.
Itangast the Guesteater would also play Orc factions; he can replace Throkmaw as an avatar.
Leucaruth the Wrathful is an anti-dwarf avatar that can replace Throkmaw too.
Daelomin the Ghostwing is the best alternative to Lomaw as a Diplomat and high direct influence.
Better access to Illuin Mountains and non-Withered Hearth Lair won out; Daelomin can fly though.

Lomaw is a better fit. Sadly, Eagoth must be let go. Durlach might play that ally during the Warlord Phase along with
Sulfur-spawn. Hammer of the Underworld also is sent to Durlach's deck replacing those pesky rings.

Lomaw's deck will be posted soon with changes to other decks due to the changes in players.

In Summary, Lomaw the Old replaces Fankil and adopts most of his deck. Some changes to other decks
must be made, which Durlach has the most change taking Hammer. Durlach will now explore
under the Illuin Mountains for resources and spawn allies.
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