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Postby dirhaval » Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:30 pm

The keyword Battleground is new to me too.

And of course, I see what someone else has made and add to it for better or for worse.

Here are considerations for sites that are battleground:

1. No limit on factions volume at site
2. No restrictions on "company composition" orcs with elves, Ringwraiths with dwarves, cats with dogs, multiple leaders
3. Faction Mode (infantry, Calvary) takes effect along with Strength (light, heavy)
A calvary faction v infantry faction has +1 to prowess. Heavy v Light has -1 to body check and Light v Heavy has +1 to body check.
maybe +2 for calvary if this gets more killed.

4. resources cannot be played, that can tap the site, during the site phase unless by special effect, like Hour of Need or Here There or Yonder.
5. any player can visit a battleground site even if in the discard pile, if the site was in the discard pile, then it is used for faction movement purpose at the least.

Not exactly battleground, but required
No creatures keyed to site unless type matches alignment of a faction at site. Same goes to regions. I want to limit creatures attacking characters
when it is obvious a showdown is happening or will happen. Play your creatures earlier or move factions to allow your creatures.
But this is when the factions move first during the MOVE/HAZARD phase showing the company is moving to the same site.

-Orcs of Udun in Ithilien allows Orc-warriors.
-Steward's Guard yes if moving from Minas Tirith to Ithilien but only if a dunadan faction is in the regions Anorien, Ithilien or at the site in Ithilien.
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