119-Lessons Learned

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119-Lessons Learned

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:42 am

This topic will contain lessons learned from full games from any phase: Avatar, Warlord, or Power.
Hopefully, this will be read first in order of the topic numbering so to guide the reader against
the remaining information.
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Re: 119-Lessons Learned

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:57 am

LL-01 Notes

Much tracking of information is required for the game. The following are vital to know at all times:

1. Sites in discard piles
2. Uniques in play or out -of-play
3. Location of companies in case of accident CvCC
4. Location and other information on agents played as agents
5. long and permanent events
6. use of recyclables such as Thrice Outnumbered

My spreadsheet does a good job on most of these.
I have a quick list of uniques in play by each player and any duplicates are highlighted including manifestations for the most part.

I have a separate listing on a player's sheet of sites in discard pile.
So far, Dead Marshes is the lively place tapped 5x in the first 10 turns. Each Lair near Iron Hills tapped.
I can click a button and run VBA script counting such tapped sites based on what is used by the player.

Another sheet collects agent information. VBA too puts that inside a comment with the site name. It is tedious to track all the sites though.

Long and Permanent events too are tracked by VBA code. I have to add suffixes of owner's name, turned played, and division. But it works.
It is simple and quick to note which cards to discard based on deck exhaustion requirements such as Safe From the Shadow.

Tracking hazards from other players is simple. I have to manually type in the MP for cards if a change is needed such as Lord 1 MP rule.
So expect some mistakes in my game notes.

I made some errors with hazard players, but fixed that after a few turns. I changed my mechanism for selecting hazard players, but it works
now. I have two places showing the hazard player and read from each source. Sometimes the two did not align.
There is no VBA script to note adjacent regions or helping with movement.

Overall, my 20 MB spreadsheet works. An improvement will be alert messages if I make an error such as moving 5 regions instead of 4 or forgetting
about Ordered to Kill. I used to count that as a hazard in terms of showing what to be seen as a "hazard."

As long as the data is entered correctly, the electronic logistics are doable.
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Re: 119-Lessons Learned

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:05 am

LL-02 Lack of hazards

Some players faced three hazards in four turns; including agent movement or play!

I am tracking the hazards played each turn. So far about 2-3 hazards played per turn against a player.
That is pathetically low.

A main reason is that I have been discarding hazards after a player is the first hazard player, so there are
a lack of hazards available as an auxiliary hazard player. The change will first be attitude on what to keep in hand.
I think I played many resources in the first 8 turns, so that means the next set of turns will be boring forcing CvCC with
lack of resources to tap sites.
Second, I avoided on-guard play for 8 turns. Now, I will allow on-guard to a point to get rid of specifics such as Vultures.
Vultures are no good against Durlach. It might be used when facing the main opponent, but it is a gamble to keep in hand.

I will change the number of creatures in a playdeck to be 15 from 18 to put in more events, but 18 creatures must be in the deck.

On average, each player had 27 cards discarded from hand. That is about 1/3. Most are hazards. Again, I wanted to use as many
cards as possible, so some are too specific.
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Re: 119-Lessons Learned

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:10 am

LL-03 Lack of Hazards played a Turn

One-Third for the first 400 player-turns had a lack of hazards played that even if the hazard limit
was halved to access the sideboard, no change in the play of hazards that turn would have been affected.

I disallowed the ability to access sideboard by the hazard player so get the deck exhausted faster.
Now, I will allow it as normal. Before, I allowed the hazard player to take from the sideboard 5 hazards
each time his hazard limit was not used fully and place the hazards in the 2nd deck. Now, just the normal play.
This helps in the case of facing a player in a territory not otherwise seen. For example, Saruman was
near Isengard for the first six turns. Hoarmurath has King of the Dead in his sideboard. Why not
get that creature in the playdeck sooner for Saruman if possible? Saruman then moved to Great Central Plains.
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Re: 119-Lessons Learned

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:17 am

LL-04 Poor Choices on starting characters

Oh my. I wanted to trick the minions about Aragorn II. So I had Imrahil start with Strider with the expectation
of discarding the ranger on Turn 2. That left a gap on Imrahil's characters especially when two were killed soon into the game.
Did you see the Wose army in the books? No, they were discarded on Page 1.

So no more of that. Also, I need to play the minions in the starting companies that plan on being Warlords later; those that
need trophies. Too much hassle to get all the cards in hand at the end of the first deck.

I made character changes on many players. Most changed is Indur and his Uttersouth man minions. I took them out
for non-unique orcs. I always wanted a player with a pack of non-unique orcs in a single company for mayhem.
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