805-Power Deck Notes

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805-Power Deck Notes

Postby dirhaval » Fri May 27, 2016 9:03 pm

This topic has notes of the Power Decks.

One issue is which alignment goes first during the power decks? A roll seems too simple. Complexity is a solution.
This goes with major league baseball in the USA. If you know about the all-star game and the world series home team
selection then you know about this idea.

The alignment to go first will be:

The alignment that has used the most different sites during the site phase.
Using a site includes:
-tapping due to a resource played by you
-initiating CvCC or FvCC
-other company v company interaction such as Land Reborn or successful influence attempts by you
-surface site visit before under-deep movement (entry point)
-under-deeps site (rest stop)
-play of a resource permanent event such as Dark Numbers during site phase or Knowledge of the Enemy, Black Rain, Elf-friend
Only the unique sites that fall in this count, no duplication。

So far, I have listed 270 sites for each alignment for use out of 400+ sites。 
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The optional MECCG rule of AA enhancement with another copy of site in a discard pile will be enforced。
So strategically using sites is a fun task。
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