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Note: I updated the other "play" files to PDFs. I guess it was easy to remove that background of color.
I got those backgrounds from an ancient Word library, but on a new update to Word I thought the
backgrounds were "locked" in place.

This deck is slow and clumsy; I remade it somewhat for a later game. 20 MP and six tapped sites are productive. Card drawing is acceptable with 23 still in the discard pile. Three companies were frequently in play. All the sideboard resources to be sent to the discard pile have happened. One Longbottom Leaf was not used. The second avatar card was drawn on Turn 4. It is nice to have the Scroll of Isildur played. Gandalf, Pippin, and Beretar are at Goblin-Gate with Gollum in hand. Sacrifice of Form is in hand too, so that is a nice set-up. But thre might be problems with general influence. Arathorn II and Halbarad should get to the same site as the two women soon.

Visiting Forochel to play Ring of Barahir is dangerous; that ring will be removed. The Windlord Found Me will too be removed since enough MPs will be gathered. Grey Havens is the dominate haven for this player. No other haven has been visited thus far. Do Not Use It will be shuffled into the playdeck via Longbottom Leaf instead of a Hobbit-lore since that event was discarded when playing Sacrifice of Form. Do Not Use It Again can be played on Scroll of Isildur.

Two Escapes and two No Waiting to Wonder cards were discarded from hand. No Waiting to Wonder will be removed in the revision. Arthadan Rangers and Rangers of Sarn Ford were discarded. I might give them to Elrond or another player. They won’t survive against the Ringwraiths. Shirriffs too.

Two Call of the Sea hazards were not played due to too many cards in hand.
There were three movements of multiple wilderness. Necromancer had 15 movements to play hazards. Arathorn II was lucky on Turn 1 moving with double Ws and Azog had no hazards. Fell Winter caused trouble. Gandalf was vulnerable at Amen Hen. I suspect he would get visitors from those in Mordor. More Alert Than Most and I Know Much About You is a nice combo on Assassin.
Turns 1-8 of Eriador Division vs. 40 decks.
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