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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:28 pm
by dirhaval
Here are the game notes for Cirdan the Shipwright first eight turns. Coastal Seas are dangerous.
Any change to the deck would be reorganizing 'sea' resources to help move better. Drakes like elves dipped in salt water.

Cirdan has lead his sea-water elves to success with 17 MP, but not with 25 cards still in the playdeck after eight turns. His cards drawn per turn at 9.1 are good but shuffling 12 cards into the playdeck will fatten that pile. Five MP resources now in his hand should get three companies moving for the next three turns. This will allow the player to exhaust happily on Turn 11, which is acceptable.

Most of the MPs are characters. Four sites were tapped with four being in land-locked regions.
Two elves were eaten by separate Sea-Serpents. Shipwright on Turn 3 and Annalena on Turn 5- the turn after she is played; sounds like Amroth and Nimrodel.

Most of the non-MP resources were played even after holding Vanish in Sunlight for many turns. It is difficult to move from Grey Havens to Edhellond in one turn. Two tapping Shipwrights can do the task, but that has not happen in the same company. Belegaer was used once. Two Swanships of Lindon are needed as another option. I have to be careful to leave Himring and a site in Bay Belfalas untapped for moving. Hazards are easy to play except for Wose Ambush.

Not many hazards were thrown at Cirdan: 9 events and five creatures, but four creatures were keyed to the waters including a Full Froth and Rage Ninevet. Success for this player would be next get Galdor’s company with influence enhancers and park Cirdor at Grey Havens with a Shipwrigh and Swanships of Lindon so to move to Tolfalas in one turn to CvCC minions playing the Scroll of Isildur.