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Postby dirhaval » Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:17 pm

This player has done okay in the first eight turns. The characters needed to visit the Under-deeps are either in play or in hand. The ally Bob is in play to return to the surface. The hobbit Robin Smallburrow has Mathom Lore. 14 MP is low, but the major points are coming soon. Balin’s Crimson was stolen by Tharbad Thieves. Card drawing has been fast; only nine cards in in the playdeck. Seven sites have been tapped, which is healthy. But the companies have been weak. Shuffling of sideboard cards was changed from the tapping the avatar by using Smoke Rings. Balin was played on Turn 1.

Most resource events have been played except for Cloudless Day due to Doors of Night being in play for so long. Only one Crown of Flowers has been drawn. CvCC was initiated by this player on Turn 1 and Dawn Take You All was played to wound the trolls. Playing the faction Berninga seems foolish in the Northern Waste. The faction was played on Turn 4 after staying a turn due to tapped-out characters thanks to two Wild Trolls. Then the return to Eriador on Turn 5 was facing the Northern Waste Division – not a good idea. This faction might have to be played after Turn 16.

Both Dawn Comes Early were discard due to Doors of Night was in play. All This Dwarvish Racket played by a minion player is a pain. The Cock Crows is used to cancel a Troll attack instead of pairing with Crown of Flowers to discard a permanent event.

In eight turns there were 18 companies or MOVE phases. 17 permanent-events or agent actions were faced along with 9 creatures. Most of the creatures were trolls.

If the adventure into the Under-deeps fails, then it might have been affected by not having any food items in the company. We’ll see.
Balin's Turns 1-8 of 8-player, 40 deck game. now in PDF.
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