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Postby dirhaval » Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:01 pm

I have posted this deck's first eight turns of notes. I also renamed the Lidless Eye Deck/Topic to be 629 instead of 721 btw.

This deck is ambitious to have so many cards played before the Warlord Phase, but we will see what happens. Below is pasted the full summary
for the eight turns.

This player is having success considering two gold ring items are about to be tested. Stinker was played on the first turn. Few resources to play during the site phase resulted in only four turns tapping a site. The Necromancer event was played on Turn 2. MPs gathered are good at 18. Card drawing has been anemic, but that is my fault. This player needs to zip through his deck quickly; I might have to change the starting company so to have one minion move just to draw cards.
Few resources were discarded from hand, but I have kept many in hand for 3+ turns.
Hazards were also played soon when drawn. However, the timing with agent hazard events is still ambiguous with no other Divisions with companies. Dark Spires Rising has yet to be played.
Now, I did do a designer change in the middle of this game, which I might have to reverse. I allowed this player to “store” Stinker so to allow Gollum to be played. I also did not like for the ally controller to be taken prisoner so to discard Stinker. But as you read in the turn notes the ally cancelled two attacked keyed to Shadow-land. So I will put this ally back in play. Such a threat of prison may cause this deck to remove the use of resource permanent-events on the expected controller. Prisoner via CvCC is the only non-hazard method for Heroes to discard Stinker, besides an influence check. I might replace Tarcil; see the next page.
Turns 1-8 of this player with turn notes and review at end of the file. now in PDF
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Re: 721-play-Necromancer

Postby dirhaval » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:49 am

I have posted here the Necromancer Deck with the first 16 turns of the practice game.
Other details of the turn summary also included in the file:
-cards giving MPs
-sites tapped per turn and cards played
-card sequence
-hazards played against each player
-hazards played against this player

The summary is that of the deck used for the game.

Overall this player had success. He gained 32 MPs and gave away one Ring for Mortal Men.
The deck exhausted twice for the second time on Turn 16.
The use of agents were muted especially with them becoming discarded so much
and Lord Denethor fetching I Know Much About You often.

There were 17 useful site phases including 11 tapped sites.
No site was tapped twice.

Ivic used Twisted Tales at Variag Camp to discard Wild Horses
Wormtongue uses Good Sense Revolts to discard Elfhelm, Twisted Tales to discard Riders
but Withdrawn by King Theoden.
Surion discarded Angbor using Your Welcome is Doubtful.
Elwen discarded Lothirel and failed another time using YWD
Prince Imrahil used Withdrawn on her.
Ullis used Pilfer Anything Unwatched to discard Daurkh.
KIlled by Beorn while attacking at The Carrock
Deallus played YMD to discard ally Bob from Lord Balin.
Ted Sandyman never face up

First deck recycled 10 cards and had 8.7 cards drawn per turn
Second deck it was 8/14.

It was a fast, fun deck. Low hazard limit helped this player along with
using Weigh ATN to recycle Not Slay Needlessly, which was played 6x from turns 11-16.

Player Gandalf failed twice to influence away Carambor.
No CvCC or FvFC
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Re: 721-play-Necromancer

Postby thedarkness » Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:23 pm

Thank you for the content!
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