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Postby dirhaval » Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:46 pm

Below is pasted the review for the player's game. The file has the extra turn notes and deck/card management data.

Overall, this player has poor play for the first 8 turns. I call him “Grumpy” for now. A total of 13 MP is not helping, but cards in hand now will change that for the better. A character must stay at the Hidden Site to keep that stage in play; and the dwarf to do this has a low 6 or 7 body. Playing characters is limited by the available influence. Even though Clan Bonds was played early this helped little. One high-mind dwarf was taken by Elven Custody early. Three dwarves have been killed (Broin by AA, Elite Wose Hunter by Nameless “Hungry” Thing, and King’s Judge by a True Fire-drake). Threlin has yet to be drawn, so that will help playing resources. Four other characters were wounded.

Four sites have been tapped. There was one failed site phase; no resources in hand to play, but three cards were drawn visiting Himring. Movement can be dangerous moving in triple wildernesses and coastal seas with Cirdan as the main hazard opponent. Cirdan has rarely played hazards on this player even when the hazard limit was not zero.

Sideboard manipulation is good. One more resource needs to be shuffled. The Avatar appeared on Turn 02. Ten resources to play during the site phase leaves much time to dig for coal. Almost all resources were played; only a few discarded.

Future: The next eight turns will face the Gondor and South Divisions, which will hopefully have less hazards to play. This player can make great strides in these eight turns to be ready for the final eight turns. Then faction battles and Arkenstone mayhem can be the focus for this player with a CvCC here or there.

What follows list when the cards were drawn, discarded, played, etc…
H01 = drawn to hand on Turn 01
P02 = played on Turn 02
D03 = discarded for no effect on Turn 03
S04= shuffled to playdeck on Turn04 (Weigh All Things to a Nicety
R = recycled
F=fetched to hand

There are two lists for the sideboard cards. The first list shows how the cards were affected once in the playdeck or discard pile.

The second list shows how the cards were removed from the sideboard. The first column to the right of the card name is the actually manipulation. Text further right are guidance notes for when the game started.

By the way, I have yet to finalize the name for this avatar. Grumpy is not a choice.
dwarf file with Turns 1-8 with game review. now in PDF.
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Re: 754-play-Dwarf

Postby dirhaval » Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:49 pm

This player cleaned sites almost every turn, which finally lead to his removal from the 40 player
table. Avatar was played on Turn 3 using Clan Bonds. Fear was not with these beards upon
moving. Gold Rings were played and later testing for useful special rings including a Dwarven
Ring on the second test. Weapons added ability to handle the few creatures seen. Factions were
played after the first deck exhausted. Overall, this player gained 31 MPs in 14 turns and
exhausted on Turn 10. Use of a Hidden Haven is very friendly to his player – too much. The
avatar has 11 prowess with the ring and Usriev for 4 CPs.

The characters are powerful and useful including two squatting sages. Elite Wose Hunter was not
used. Swift Strokes was highly useful along with Not Slay Needlessly. Hidden Ways was
discarded twice the first deck. Crooked promptings has a dual use fit for this deck. Poison was
used twice during on CvCC. Dark Dwarves can be a force if let loose. Three characters were
killed including Broin by Old Man Willow. Fror V and Hain killed in separate CvCC on Turn 14.

Few hazards were played on this player – only 19 the first 12 turns. But 22 the following four
turns from the Wilderland Division. Lucky draw was against the Harad Division the first four
turns. Only four creatures attacked, but Broin died. Gondor Division was pathetic playing two
hazards in four turns. But Cirdan played three creatures. Northern Waste Division gave a scare
since many Wildernesses were seen, but only Nameless Thing attacked. It would have been
killed, but a wounded Fror V had to face multiple strikes.
Arthadan Rangers played once out of 5 draws. All three land-drakes made into coasters. Coastal
Sea creatures were mostly discarded. Dragon Terror used half the time.
Card draw first deck was 9.4 cards/turn with 11 cards shuffled. Pace of cards in deck matches
first deck. I expect this deck to exhaust three times.

Overall, this player is too powerful with an avatar comfortable with a Hidden Haven in Cardolan.
If Geann a-Lisch was a pure Darkhaven, then any other avatar will be too powerful too. Avatar
and Hidden Haven removal will slow movement and force longer movements and thus more
creatures to attack. The deck is vulnerable to a few mid-mind dwarves having followers. Too
many items can force all the dwarves to sit for a turn after tapping to support checks.
If there is ever a dwarf avatar for minions, then give him 16 general influence to force the avatar
to contain many followers.
16turns of practice game with data
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