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Postby dirhaval » Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:16 pm

Ardagor was the first player to start the game.
Attached is the deck file with turn summary at the end of the file along with company composition
to start each turn.

This player is two turns behind schedule, but can still meet his deadline for Turn 17. Lore of the Rings
is the only mechanism to test gold ring items for this player. I allowed this player to store
minion gold ring items at Warlord's Lair. The problem doing this is to tap a character to unstore
the item, then to make a corruption check. I think this is a suitable price for this avatar.

This player has yet to have a company move more than two regions at a time and only Wilderness regions to boot.

The hazard limit was decreased always after the first hazard player and when a hazard player plays a hazard. Only once
did the hazard limit pass past Balin (HP2) when the first hazard player did not play anything, but allowed HP3 to play a hazard.

For example:
HL 5; HP1 can play hazards; if none then
HL5-1=4: HP2(Balin) plays hazards, but if none then,
HL5-1=4: HP3

HL 5; HP1 can play hazards; if plays one hazard then,
HL5-2=3: HP2(Balin) plays hazards; if plays one hazard then,
HL3-2=1: HP3 (if HP2 played no hazards, then it still was HL1).

This allows the HP3 to play a hazard on a squatting single character if HP1 & HP2 play nothing, but that might be unfair since
two players have a chance and play nothing including a player with specific hazards. I will monitor when HP3 or HP4 play hazards because of this method.
So far, this player only faced Lure of Nature using this method.

Please excuse any mistakes with the summary including wrong DI, corruption points, and prowess, due to cards. I also do not modify the p/b values based on wounded status, but I can do this change when in combat. I can manage all this properly without tracking each tidbit of change.
turns 01-08 with summary. now in PDF.
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Re: 752-play-Ardagor

Postby dirhaval » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:55 pm

Ardagor had success gaining many MPs including a Dwarven Ring while bringing terror
to Cardolan. His late playing and 2 prowess Sage caused problems with using
Voices of Malice and accessing the sideboard. Magic Ring of Enigma may need
to be a Game Point card or even a starting card,

This player saw few hazards mainly due to visiting many Ruins and using
resources masking creatures keyed to regions.

I may add incentive to the players by not putting in crucial cards like Roots of the Earth
for Ardagor. The player must win at least on Game Point to have it in his deck for the
remaining eight turns of the Avatar Decks. Records Unread too to reach
the dwarf-hold from underneath.

Now, the player is ready to visit the Under-deeps and combat Lord Balin since
almost all the needed MP cards are in play.
Turn summary, stats, and discourse on the player
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