383-Turn Sequence-Power Decks

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383-Turn Sequence-Power Decks

Postby dirhaval » Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:59 am

This phase of the game has 16 players. It is an issue to how to order the hazard players.

I have decided to give each player a main hazard player as in the Avatar Decks. Each player
will have four hazard players per turn. The 4th hazard player is the player's main hazard player.
Another option was to have two groups of eight players that are in their own group for hazard players,
but that might be too much with specific creatures being in the decks.

Then on Turn 8 and Turn 16 of the Power Decks the main hazard player is the only hazard player that turn.
Then the other seven players of an alignment will alternate the first, second, and third hazard player.

The slots for the hazard players will not be known to the players until the start of the MOVE phase so to limit
the building of hazards in hand.

For example:

Gandalf as resource player with Sauron as his main hazard player:


I was thinking about randomly selecting the turn of only facing the main hazard player for
each of the 8-turn segments.

I am also thinking about making all cards global among the 16 players.
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