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The war to end the Age will start in Eriador. Sauron has sent the Witch-king and a troll army to attack Rivendell. No distant haven can exist to give the Ringbearer time to learn of the device’s true powers. A sudden attack is needed to trap the Ring at an elf-hold or to drive the Ringbearer closer to Mordor. Evil men, orcs, and trolls will march on the Grey Havens and Rivendell. Weapons of ancient and powerful lineages will be wielded by trolls against the elves. Four Ringwraiths will fly over the battlefield terrorizing the enemy.

Ancient Black-Axe fell the Captain of the Trumpets in Gondolin,
Bone-Basher, weapon of a Utumno Troll Lord that destroyed the bodyguard of an elf-lord during the Battle of Sudden Flame,
Anguirel was involved in the destruction of Gondolin. It will now be used to destroy Rivendell.
Black Mace of a Warg King will again smash the heads of its enemy as it did during the destruction of Fornost long ago.

This player will move troll companies to attack any hero in Eriador. The Ringbearer if in Eriador must leave before the elf-havens
are besieged. Powerful weapons and a dozen factions will cause lamenting of the elf maidens once again. The Dark Captain manifestation
and three Ringwraith followers will attack those that are weak. The Ringwraiths will have two methods to use region movement.
The Heroes will need all the prowess possible to survive. Defeat of Eriador will allow Angmar to support forces in the East.
This player needs to scare any Ringbearer to run from Eriador for the remainder of the game.

Undead again is the strategy. Just pick 18 creatures not killed for this player. Out of the Swamps, Turning Hope to Despair, and Exhalation
of Decay have been unearthed for this deck.
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