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Postby dirhaval » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:32 am

Throkmaw the Vain has found the moment to rule as a Dragon-King.
Smaug has grown fat and lazy on his pile of gold. Smaug has gotten his own agent...for movies.
After eating his fifth agent he has grown desperate for scripts. Even a script with a hero hobbit.
Lomaw the Old is now a senior citizen looking to collect free meals at the local diner.

This Dragon-Lord will order Ice-orcs to recruit orc factions, dragon-factions, and craft items
from dead dragons. Ice-orcs and Orcs of the Claw will bring power to this Wyrm. Throkmaw will be Against the Eye to hinder
competition in the Northern Waste and Target the Hunt to show who is the Bane of the North.
Aranuth is a hero item used to influence both Khuzadrepa and Lomaw.

Dragon-scales is armour worn by Talmog to be the main leader for this Dragon-lord. Throkmaw
will use events for combat. He will sharpen his claws, bring a firestorm, and move his pitted hide
of corruption to block any assault even though no weapons seem to bite him.
His modes will Hunting and Dragon Dream. The Power Deck will move to Iron Hills for faction battles
to bring Great Ruin and Fire Under Tree with Savage Swords.

His hazards are Giants, item nuisance, and Roadblock.
Three giant creatures will stump all around mountains Hurling Rocks. Five hazard events are roadblock
for anyone.

Throkmaw is in the Northern Waste Division with Lord Dain as his opponent.

It was considered to have Lord Thorin as the opponent due to Throkmaw's new focus to the west.
However, I do not want Thorin to be busy with CvCC with the orcs. Hobbits are bad fighters.
Dain though can move Talath Uiechel from Iron Hills anyway.
Now, if the hobbits are given to Dain, then I can see to switch the dwarves. Talath Uiechel can be
reached by Blue MDH.
updated file after 16 turns of practice game
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Re: 642-Throkmaw_ScoutRoadblock

Postby dirhaval » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:15 am

Updated file in the first thread.

Changes from v01 (used in practice game)
The introduction of Lomaw the Old into the game instead of Fankil resulted in some changes on
that account.

Removed the Orc Grunt for a second Orc Shaman; now 3 Sages are in the deck.
Aranruth added and Horn of Challenge removed. I wanted to keep that sword hidden unless
Thranduil of Mirkwood was corrupted. Alas, a third Dragon-Lord strains the unique items.

Dwarf-chopper added replacing a Broad-headed Spear. Bolg/Azog must have added a powerful
item. The last spear will be played to the west instead of among the Lairs. More attention is given
to Forochel now with Lomaw the Old around.

Pale Enchanted Gold replaces Dragonteeth Necklace due to the rarity of killing a Dragon.
Lomaw Roused replaced by Canadras Roused. Durlach will play more allies.
Piercing All Shadows and Going Ever Under Dark. Hunters and Slayers copy removed.
2 more resources in deck versus v0.

Hazard changes were mainly removing the agents. Now Ta-Fa-Lisch has 3 copies. Cave-worm
replaced by Snow-elves. Hope He is Lost to Us is on the Dwarf-lords.
It is My Own, Dragon-sickness x2 replace 3 of the 6 agent hazards.

Snow in the Mountains x1, Devouring Wyrms and Mordo are the other two fillers.
I feel the hazard changes make the deck more balance and more flexible without the agents.

Turn 18 has the Dragon-lord alone at his Lair with Birth-Spot. Lord Thorin is in Lhugdulf
and Lord Dain is in Iron Hills with Daelomin Roused in play. That is why I inserted a third copy of
Hide Pitted with Corruption in the updated file.

But avatar copy, Fire-storm, Hunters and Slayers, and Veil Removed in hand.
A Nice Place to Hide soon to draw in playdeck. I might just cancel the cvcc or direct
strike against a weak character if Dain attacks. Lord Thorin has Oakenshield to redirect strike, and he has
Wormsband + Hollow of Thy Left Breast.
Then next turn have his two minion companies visit to play Hunters and Slayers.

Is Veil Removed a Dark Enchantment; asking for Adamant Helmet.
I am not allowing Pits of Angband to be used on Dragon-lords.
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