240-Faction Wars

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240-Faction Wars

Postby dirhaval » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:13 am

FATE contains in it the mechanism for factions to move and/or attack one another.
Such a mechanism is for providing Black Players another wing in strategy instead
of attacking heroes day and night.

Dream Cards have been created for Faction Wars, which you are seen in the FATE decks.
Not every player will be involved willingly in battle.

The Black Players will use factions to destroy elf-havens so to hinder the Ringbearer.
Grey Havens, Edhellond, Rivendell, Lorien, Thranduil's Halls, and Minas Tirith will be targeted.
Now, you are wise to think why should the Black Players even attack the heroes? Why not
fortified Mordor? FATE allows a winner based on MP only during the Power Decks, so
one side or another will not risk this happening. Faction MPs can be many of these MPs.

Should the heroes invade Mordor themselves? That is a good idea. However, doing so will
naturally keep all those orc factions in Mordor and attract the Plain man factions too.
Every site in Mordor will have a band of orcs waiting for the Ringbearer. Instead the heroes
will draw out the Enemy. But will threatened to invade Nurn.

I have been organizing potential battles. It looks nice, which I will post soon. The one thing that is odd for FATE is
the artificial engrossing of the mumakril host - the third most powerful faction besides
some dragons and Army of the Dead.
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Re: 240-Faction Wars

Postby dirhaval » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:37 am

Hero players other than wizards can play Doom of Choice as their mustering resource.
This allows almost every type of faction to move instead of using Setting Out on His Own
stage resource, which is 3 SP. I feel that is too much trouble when these are good guys.
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Re: 240-Faction Wars

Postby dirhaval » Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:56 pm

Here is a spreadsheet of the factions and analysis on the Fate decks.

The file has no additions like password, macros, hidden sheets or anything like that.
The file had a macro to count a font use in a range, but I removed. But the vba script
is given in the spreadsheet if you want to use it (nice way to count dual factions)

The sheets include: not 100% complete, some home sites missing
-White list of available factions including home site and MECCG character bonus
-Black list too
-White list of factions in fate deck
-Black too
-War list of players's factions against opponent by geographical area to note fairness.
This last list helps will strategy and tactics. Witchking will overwhelm the heros
that may cause the Rohan factions to move into Eriador.

I want to avoid the old "my guys against all of your guys in one battle" mindset.
There will be small battles here and there to then maybe get to a climax.
Faction battles I think gives minions obstacles and gets them to move out of Mordor
and the Under-deeps.
faction war info
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Re: 240-Faction Wars

Postby dirhaval » Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:16 pm

I will explain the faction number or prowess and the body or morale.
Below is the expected battle north of the Yellow Mountains to know if the Mumakanril will
have an easy or hard pass northwards.

PALLANDO Dwarves of Mablad-dûm 2 9 7 Heavy Infantry
PALLANDO Junast's Guard 3 9 6 Heavy Infantry

Akhorahil Gusar 2 7 5 Light Calvary
Akhorahil Vísi 1 8 7 Heavy Infantry

The prowess is the minimum of the MP for dual factions plus the body.
The body is a guess. I considered the battle readiness, size, and relative values of other factions
to determine the body. I want frequent faction deaths. Also, I wanted some higher MP value
factions to be weaker. There is a trade-off, MP or prowess.

A wounded faction will have a modifier to its body check: zero or the difference between body.
For example,
Gusar attack Junast's Guard. Gusar loses,but is only wounded.
Junast's Guard attacks Gusar and wins. Now the body check for Gusar is modified by +2 ( 1 for wounded, and one for body difference (6-5)

This allows those pesky animal factions to be killed the next turn and not clog the strongest factions.
May be allow body checks for those factions "assisting" or adding +1 to a battle. If that faction is on the losing end; it makes a body check
too, but the worse cause is becoming wounded.
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Re: 240-Faction Wars

Postby dirhaval » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:44 am

I know, the shorter the better.

The goal of these rules is to persuade faction battles. Characters moving with the faction are expected to initiate CvCC the same turn or the next turn of the initial faction movement. Risk to these characters are reduced to encourage characters moving with the faction
The rules are numbered to facilitate understanding.
Moving with a faction
Factions can move, using proper rules and cards (i.e. mustering). Characters can control a faction for benefits including:
1. Moving at start of the player's movement/hazard phase
2. Characters controlling a faction and his followers move with the faction
3. Characters moving with faction are either at or moving to a site
4. Creature attacks must be the same type of opposing faction in same regions or at same site no matter what the creature is keyable (except for Coastal Sea only creatures).
5. Hazards creating an attack (e.g. Cruel Caradhas) have no effect on faction or characters.
[idea: may allow any attack to be detainment]
Hazards can still be played such as Doors of Night and Lure of Nature.
6. Factions cannot help with combat.
7. Faction cannot use its ability after it has moved from its site of playing (i.e. Beasts of the wood). But can use its ability if it returns to the same site.
8. When moving with a faction, resources cannot be played as normal needing an untap or tap site during the site phase. Combat and Battle are the focused areas now.
9. Automatic-attacks have no effect on the characters moving with a faction.
(e.g. Tidings of Bold Spies has no effect, At Home)
10. Characters can move in unison with a faction, but have separate movement/hazard phases that are normal.

The characters are limited to actions such as playing resources tapping the site during the site phase. Therefore, safety is added when moving with a faction.

Clarification: [1,2,3]
[1,2] Indur the Ringwraith on an Oliphaunt with Swift Onset in play moves with Hathorians
from site Tanith in region Hathor to region Koronande at the start of the movement/hazard phase.
The faction can also be in the region Hathor when the controller moves.
[3] Faction stays in region Koronande (could move to Korlan) and Indur the Ringwraith moves to Korlan for CvCC. Faction can either not battle or battle with a faction in the region.

Clarification: [4,5]
[4] Hazard player has faction Kirani at site Korlan (or in region Koronande). Indur the Ringwraith's movement is through Border-land and a Jungle. Hazard limit of 2.
Slayer cannot be played (slayer creature) and Ambusher cannot be keyed to Hathor (border-land), but can be keyed to Koronande (Jungle).
[5] Trouble on All Borders is on Kirani. Its attack has no effect on Indur the Ringwraith's cards.

Clarification: [6]
[6] Ambusher is keyed to Koronande, a jungle. Hathorians cannot aide the Ringwraith or ally.

Clarification: [8,9]
[8] Indur the Ringwraith has moved to Korlan this turn with Hathorians. His site phase can only be either CvCC, CvCC & FvFC, or FvFC. Hathorians enter battle with Kirani in region Koronande. Indur the Ringwraith enters Korlan and no automatic-attacks are faced before the combat. Korlan allows major item play, but cannot be played without stealing the item first. But any item can be stolen as normal.

Clarification: [10]
[10] Indur the Ringwraith moves from Tanith to Korlan after Hathorians move to Korlan. The character has a normal phase including creatures and those not keyed due to opponents faction, faces automatic-attacks, taps to play an item, then CvCC.

Characters able to control factions:
{might removed this entirely, 100s}
101. Wizard, Ringwraith, Balrog, Dragon, Lord, warlord, leader
102. possessing a bonus to influence the faction by name or type (given on character card).
103. resource allows it
104. Only Aragorn II can control Army of the Dead
105. Dragon factions if moved to a site must have a character listed for [101] at that site.
106. A non-avatar character can control a number of factions equal to its mind stat

Clarification: [102]
[103] Dain can control Men of Dale since the character has +1 DI against Man factions.

Clarification: [105]
[105] Scatha Roused cares not for Beorn's House unless Hurog is at that site manipulating (bribing) the dragon into an attack for its own gain.

Characters unable to control factions:
?Race with a negative standard modifier

Faction Movement

201. Factions can normally move three regions
202. Flying factions can move four regions
203. A faction played in a mountain region can use mountain region if it can use region movement (i.e. it first needs Swift Onset)
204. Any faction can move out of a Desert region into a non-Desert region
205. Only factions played in a Desert region can move into a Desert region by choice
206. A non-animal faction playing at a site in a Coastal Sea can move with region movement from or to its home region, with a resource allowing region movement in play, using an adjacent non-Coastal Sea Region.
207. Factions with a home region not a Coastal Sea cannot use Sea movement.
208. Faction cannot enter a site if an enemy faction is in the same region unless the site is a battleground.
209. No more than 5 factions per alignment at a site or region.
210. A faction cannot move from a site to another region if an enemy faction is in the site of origin's region

Clarification: [206]
[206] Men of Sulcoron can move from its home region Bay of Drel to either Elorna, Miredor, or Drel and back.

Clarification: [208,209]
This provides some protection against assaults at sites, adds to strategy and battleground sites.
[208] Felagrog sends six orc factions from the Misty Mountains towards Minas Tirith. Riders of Rohan is in the region Anorien. Felagrog's factions cannot enter Druadan Forest or Minas Tirith. Two factions are sent to Anorien. The other three are sent to Osgiliath.
Ren the Ringwraith sends five Orc factions to Osgiliath and three move to Anorien.
Lord Denethor has seven factions at Osgiliath, and five at Minas Tirith.

Faction Battles
301. Battles between factions will mirror that of CvCC
(FW vs. hero, 12 SP or more, Prone to Violence)
302. Dragon factions can use their normal attack ability to choose defenders overriding cards or wounded/tap status
303. Factions can tap or stay untap as characters (-3 modifier)
304. -1 prowess for a tapped faction
305. -2 prowess and -1 body for a wounded faction
306. One faction attacks another. +1 prowess for each excess faction that taps.
Update.11-2-2016 May instead have prowess bonus equal to normal MP to a minimum of 1.
307. Body checks are modified by adding each increment of 5 between final prowess
308. At the end of a battle, any untapped faction available for battle can assign its strike. Untapped defenders assign first as usual.
309. A character can successfully influence one of his wounded factions to heal it to tap. No effects such as a site or Ioreth are applied to faction healing.

Clarification: [307]
[307] Hero Easterlings final prowess is 19. Orcs of Udun rolls to have 13 prowess. Body check to the orcs is +1 (19-13=6, 6/5=1]

Clarification: [308]
This rule speeds the destruction of factions to declare a winner.
[308] Bozishnarod.8@6, Visi.8@7 and Half-Trolls.10@9 move to Bosiri. There is already the hero factions Sirani.10@8, and Dwarves of Mablad-dum.9@7.

Sirani assigns strike to Bozishnarod. Dwarves assign strike to Half-trolls. Visi does not tap for support. Each faction, but Visi, taps for battle. Both minion factions are either wounded or killed. Instead of ending the battle, Visi assigns strike to Bozishnarod either tapping or not tapping. If Visi does not tap and still is not wounded, Visi can attack again and to either hero faction.

401. Battleground sites have no limits on faction quantity moving to site
402. Calvary factions have +1 prowess versus Infantry factions
403. Heavy factions have +1 body versus Infantry factions
404. No company composition limits unless companies join at start of site phase
(e.g. multiple leaders, elves with orcs, Ringwraiths at same site but in different companies)
405. Full round of battles when a player engages his turn

Clarification: [401]
[401] Lord Denethor uses his stage event to make Sackville a battleground site (Battle of the Spoons). Hosts of orcs and men are at that site. The event is discarded, but the nine orc factions and 11 man factions do not need to move away when the status changes.

Clarification: [405]
If you want a winner, then keep fighting
[405] Lord Denethor has factions at Osgiliath. Ren the Ringwraith sends orc factions to that site for battle. Ren is the attacker.Instead of ending the site phase for battles, Lord Denethor has the option to be the attacker.

Before Ren has his turn again, Felagrog enters the fray at Osgiliath. Felagrog is the attacker for Battle #1.Ren is given the choice to be the attacker next for Battle #2. Either way, Lord Denethor is given the chance to be the attacker for Battle #3. This site phase can have three battles. Rule #308 can still be applied.

Deeper example:
Felagrog only attacks Ren's factions. One faction of Felagrog's and Ren's do not tap. Rule #308 states that Felagrog's sole untapped faction can battle. Ren's sole faction untapped can engage in battle if untapped after Felagrog's second engagement. THEN Lord Denethor can engage with his untapped factions.
Next, Ren is the attacker for battle #2. Likely, Rule #308 will not be applied with all factions tapped. This adds strategy and chaos as on a battlefield. Just keep notes and things in order.

Now, when Lord Denethor has his turn he can enter battle or not at Osgiliath. If not, then no more battles at the site that turn. But if yes, then it goes Denethor, then Felagrog, then Ren for that site phase.
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