654-Dark Dwarf

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654-Dark Dwarf

Postby dirhaval » Fri May 30, 2014 11:54 pm

From beneath Mordor lies a hidden, lost city of dark dwarves. Descendants of those long ago
worshiping dragons of the First Age or those that fought for Sauron in the War of Wood-Demons
and Men of the Sea.

Now, a leader of these dwarves has been given the task to be rid of the elves either in Lindon or
Anfalas. for the reward of one of the dwarven rings of Power and a fiefdom in Moria.
Wolf factions will be mustered to assault the haven. A forgotten site of rituals along the coast and
Carn Dum will provide protection. Clan Bonds will help find other dwarves with a similar mind
of revenge. Also, the Arkenstone will be searched. If found, it will be used to discard a proud
Dwarf in Eriador.

Bitterness remains since the war. The hazard deck is almost a pure Sea Gauntlet.
Roadblock and misdirection hazards are common to wreak havoc on anyone
using the seas. Drakes will come out of hiding to attack those in the wilds.
Dragon Terror will be used to discard sea hazards with no chance of play
on the Division in play for this player.

Cirdan the Shipwright is this player's main hazard opponent in the Eriador Division.
16 turn practice game full update
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Re: 654-Dark Dwarf

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:02 am

Minor changes.
I made this player an avatar Grey Player, so the event Dark Dwarves was modified.

Changes include:
added Lore of the RIngs for simple ring tests and another poison.
Company were slightly changed due to changes in DI use.
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Re: 654-Dark Dwarf

Postby Thorsten the Traveller » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:13 pm

I can't download the attachment any longer :?
as I doubt it has to do with any of my settings, perhaps something changed with the last server maintenance?
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Re: 654-Dark Dwarf

Postby Vastor Peredhil » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:15 pm

well I could skype it, since I already have it ;) if I ever get a hold of you, btw, I hope you have not work on MSE files ...

ah there he is
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Re: 654-Dark Dwarf

Postby dirhaval » Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:34 am

I was thinking of how to enhance the Warlord Phase Lidless Eye deck.
How about making new Shadow-holds so to use On His Master's Errand+Awaken the Earth's Fire?
or to make new gold ring sites so Hionvor or Womawas Drus can move the Ringwraiths to a gold ring site?
I just need: Ancient Rite, Hold Rebuilt and Repaired.

This player already has an extra Hold Rebuilt and Repaired plus Fortress Reclaimed in his deck.
Ancient Rite and two Elite Wose Hunters will be included to target Dead Man's Dike in the second deck.
A character must stay at the site to ensure a hero company will not face the attack of Ancient Rite so to discard
the minion site. But this will bait a hero company entering a site with an undead AA - Witchking's Undead Deck anyone?
Warlord's Lair can be played on Dead Man's Dike if it is sure the site is no longer needed by the Ringwraiths.

From the new summary:
This second remodeled site is selected and prepared for the Warlord Deck and hunting of the One Ring by the Ringwraiths. Getting all the cards in hand will be tricky. Dead Mine’s Dike will first have Ancient Rite played on it by Elite Wose Hunter to allow gold ring items playable so to use Hionvor or Womawas Drus. Play Hold Rebuilt and Repaired to make it a Shadow-hold so to allow a player to make it a Dark-hold so to use On His Master’s Errand for Arethdain. Now play Fortress Reclaimed to allow playing a faction at the site if possible.
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Re: 654-Dark Dwarf

Postby dirhaval » Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:15 pm

I am disappointed in this avatar after eight turns in a 8x40 player game. This avatar is not dwarvish if you get my meaning.
He is hiding at a dwarf-hold in Cardolan, but nothing else is unique about him. I might have to change the deck, but the solution has problems.

This avatar will be based at Mines of Angurath and use the under-deep sites under Harad/Chy for items, which are not used
by anyone. Then the player will be matched against Thrain II, whom is under Eorstan. The Dark Dwarf though will still
use Arkenstone to discard hero dwarves.
The problem is now what happens to Felagrog's opponent? Naturally, this would be Cirdan - the former opponent of the Dark Dwarf.
But the issue is that the hazard decks are not compatible, so Felagrog's and Dwarf's hazards need to be switched, which is unagreeable to me.
Use of Mines of Angurath will also shield Felagrog making that a darkhaven to access Mordor.

I will go ahead and eventually make this change, but to consider switching other hazard decks so Felagrog keeps his Dragon hazard deck.
Besides, in the 64-player Endor game this Dark Dwarf is stationed at Mines of Angurath.
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Re: 654-Dark Dwarf

Postby dirhaval » Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:57 pm

The updated deck is posted in the first thread.

The biggest change was removing the avatar. The player tapped a site
almost every turn in the practice game; I think I used
WHCTK to bring the avatar into play, which is not legal. An avatar with
Hidden Haven is I think too powerful, especially with a Dwarven Ring.

What I did was add Dom from Pallando's deck and gave the wizard Relin II, which was unused
until this time. Dom will take the place of the avatar using the ring. Now, this player
must play the Ring of Power for another powerful company. In addition,
I included Hold Rebuilt and Repaired and Fortress Reclaimed to make a Dwarf-hold
in Eriador, Either Bar-en-Ibun or adjacent to later influence Petty-Dwarves.
Dwarven Cunning and Concealed Entrance will help the dwarves stay safe.

In response, I removed the sea hazards found in Adunaphel's deck to include
Watchers At the Gate. This hazard can be played on the new shadow-hold, dwarf-hold
for protection, but only during the Warlord Phase. Now, this player will use
Geann a-Lisch the most as a Darkhaven and Carn Dum on occasion.

I modified the Dark Dwarves event to allow dwarves to be played at any Ancient Dwarf-ruin not a Ruins, so
Carn Dum can allow them to be played. I may remove that to force movement from Dol Guldur to play
new characters until the Clan Bonds is set-up.

All these changes will balance the deck.
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