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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:24 am

R035-On guard Limitation of play

UPDATE 09-2016
This rule is fully updated. On-guards allow the flow of cards out of the hand. So many hazards are map specific and
clog the hand. On-guards are allowed now as normal. However, playing on-guard does not reduce the hazard limit
for the rest of the hazard players. The true hazard limit will be monitored, and if the play of a hazard sends the
limit to negative, then the on-guard card is discarded.

For example.
HL is 3. Ambusher is played. Lure of Nature is played on Guard.
Before in FATE, the limit is now zero on the first pass (Ambusher+onguard+pass = 3) No limit for the next hazard player.
New process:
Hazard limit of one is passed (on guard is ignored). If the hazard limit is reduced, then the on-guard card is discarded.
So if the next player plays Thief, Lure of Nature is discarded. I hope this is not too much. But again with so few
hazards played, I think normal on-guard rules are no difference. The main reason for this is the play of hazards from
more strategies.

On-guards are allowed in FATE with no exceptions but this:

On-guard cards cannot be played if the next hazard player will have a reduced hazard limit because
the play of an on-guard card unless the on-guard card can only be played on-guard.

For example:
A Ringwraith has his movement/hazard phase of only himself. His hazard limit will be two.
The first hazard player cannot play a card on-guard only since doing so reduces the hazard limit to one.
Then when the hazard limit is passed to the next player, the hazard limit is first reduced by one. This then
is a zero hazard limit, which is not fun.

However, the first hazard player can play An Unexpected Outpost then play a card on-guard since the next
player will not be given anything to use.

I think the game is going along smoothly with the flow of cards for a deck to exhaust on Turn 10 +/-1 turn.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:46 pm

R036-Accessing the Sideboard Costing the Halving of the Hazard Limit

[Update 1 6.19.16]
When no more hazards are played against a resource player, it will be decided
if halving the hazard limit during the Organization phase would have had any effect.
If there would be no effect, then the main hazard player may place up to 5 hazards in his discard pile
from the sideboard.

[Already play testing 3 turns yields many such turns]
For example, one character moves and one stays so two companies with hazard limit of two.
If the only hazards if any were from the third hazard player were to be Outpost, then
that means halving the limit would still allow the play of both hazards. Therefore, the main
hazard player can halve the limit in retroactiveness to access the sideboard. Some turns have
hazards what so ever played in play testing. Such a use of the rule will be obvious at start of site phase.

The rule limits a player to halve the hazard limit to access the sideboard twice per his deck.
Thus, a player with 18 hazards in the sideboard starting the game can halve the hazard limit
twice in the first deck and use An Unexpected Outpost thrice to bring in 13 hazards. Then exhaustion
will allow the remaining five hazards to be played in the second deck.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Thu May 07, 2015 3:40 am

R037-Seizing Characters

A player may play Seized Prisoners at a Free-hold. Upon successful playing the event during the site phase,
the resource player may make a roll. Then his opponent will search his discard pile for all characters
with a mind less than that roll with a home site the same as the site of the resource player
OR a hero character matching the requirements in resource player's hand.

The resource player may discard Seize Prisoners and instead take one of the available characters prisoner

This helps keep Strider out of trouble since Bree is not a Free-hold.

The site can instead be a hero haven (i.e. Rivendell) In this case, all characters with a home site in a region
as that nearest haven are instead available to be selected based on the roll.

This is not used in any Fate deck I am making however.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Sun May 24, 2015 8:16 pm

R038-Ordering of Alignment for the Power Decks

Once the Power Decks start a mechanism is needed to decide if the heroes or the minions go first as the resource player.
This allows a persuasive nudge for another aspect of the game.

The alignment that has used the most different actual site cards for either playing a character during the organization phase,
used the site's special abilities, CvCC, or tapped the site is the alignment that decides the order of the Power Decks.

1. Playing a character at his home site or at a haven.
2. using a site's special ability. Ex.transfer horse allies even though the site is not tapped
3. CvCC that you initiate
4. playing a resource at the site in which the site was needed. Dwarf-friend counts, but playing Await the Advent of Allies does not. Houses of Healing counts.
5. playing one of the playables of course counts.

Such conditions encourage using sites not used by anyone. I just finished documenting all the hero sites in a spreadsheet.
I then marked the sites needing to be used by each Hero player. This count was 240+ from about 400 (includes Underdeep sites for movement too).
The Stones had several heroes visiting to play a greater item. That site is like the City of Gold. So I revised some things in
those decks. For example, Elrond will not visit Brandy Hall to play a minor item like Gandalf is, but Elrond will visit Etternmoors instead.
It's something to challenge myself when making the decks.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:10 am

R039-Use of Mountain Resource Events to bypass Mountain site Movement Conditions

A player may use a mountain resource by fulfilling the cost (i.e. tapping a ranger)
to move to a site in a mountain region, which the site requires a site of origin
in an adjacent region.
Further, the last region to move through to reach the mountain site must be
one of the conditional regions.

For example: Amon Lind requires a site in Dunland or Hollin.
Misty Mountains can be played during the organization phase to instead allow
a company from Rivendell to reach that site in one turn: Rhudaur-Hollin-Misty Mountain Southern Spur.

or from Bag End: The Shire-Cardolan-Dunland-Misty Mountains Southern Spur.

Leaving the mountain site can be done in reverse using a mountain resource.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby Thorsten the Traveller » Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:46 pm

Well we are often criticised for making a complicated game more complicated, but you easily outdo us :-)

Our rule for moving to a site in a mountain region -if that is the one you are using- merely requires that one moves to the site using one of the regions listed in the site's special (if any; unless using special or UD movement). I.e. such region must be in the site path, but it need not be the first region in the site path (one need not start the movement at a site in such a region). So movement to Amon Lind from let's say Bag End is allowed (using Hollin or Dunland), but moving from Minas Tirith (using Fangorn) is not.

Also, moving away from a site in a mountain region, one can freely use any region bordering the mountain region (e.g. moving from Amon Lind to Minas Tirith).

Nevertheless, your suggestion of using those resource cards could be funny/useful perhaps.
- When moving to a site in a mountain region, one may discard a resource with that mountain region in its title to ignore any regions mentioned in the site's special.
But it's yet another rule of course...
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:00 am

Thank you for the clarification.

With the clarification I no longer desire to use the mountain resources in any new way.

Learning that leaving a mountain region has no restrictions causes me to warrant
limiting adding another rule since the timing of the resource in hand and using
a mountain region is now limited to moving to a mountain region.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Fri May 20, 2016 1:17 am


Replaying characters eliminated by corruption checks.

Normally, a character is eliminated based on failing a corruption check by a certain value.
Avatar corruption check results will not change with this rule.

A hero or dual character eliminated by a corruption check while in play by a white player can be played
later by a black or grey player.
Such a character can only be played in all cases at his home site and under direct influence.
This corrupted character cannot be controlled by general influence outside the organization phase
and not in an avatar's company.

I hope that this will focus the elimination of hero sages so to be played by black/grey players.

The issue now is who will have this eliminated character in his deck so to be played later?
Since the home site play ability is in place, those in the same division of the player with the
corruption character can reveal a character from hand of an equal or greater mind, take it out of the game for just that player,
to put a copy of the corrupted character in his sideboard.

Eomer played by Theoden King is corrupted by having seven copies of Share the Treasure at the wrong time.
Dwar is in the same division as Theoden King. Dwar later in the game shows an Orc-Tracker, takes that orc
of the game, and places Eomer in his sideboard so to be played later to cancel an AA at Edoras.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:18 am

R41 Use of Long and Permanent events against other Divisions

This is a problem highlighted in playtesting.
I adjusted the position of the main hazard player to fifth during M/H phase.

Currently, the main hazard opponent is the fifth player to play hazards on the resource player.
The trouble is what happens if the main hazard player plays a long or permanent event.
The main hazard player will have powerful hazards in hand. Such play will hinder
the resource player, but not the owner of the card unless a complex system is in place
to monitor the hazards.

For example, Dain plays Itangast Ahunt on Throkmaw when the dragon-lord is moving.
But will that hazard now affect the Hero Northern Waste Division too or just Dain? That is an option,
but complex. How about this.
Any long or permanent event played by the main hazard player before the Warlord Phase
will be treated as a short-event for that turn, but can still be treated as its normal event
in regards to Marvels Told. This keeps it simple. Yes, do this with Lure of Nature that
is discarded at end of turn.

Such a rule may prevent the play of dragon ahunts so to use later in the game.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:46 pm

I will update some rules based on the first full 40 player test game of 10 turns.
Such updated rules will be marked as updated.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:52 am

R042 Rescuing a character not your own

A player may follow the normal Rescue rules to free a prisoner. All guidelines are followed
except that the character does NOT join the company.

Clarification. Necromancer plays two Ransom events while Thorin moves from Eldanar to Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold.
A strike from Lawless Men has a Ransom targeting a hobbit. Milo Burrows is taken captive at Mount Gram.
Elornd Half-elven, Strider, Glorifindel, and other elves visit Mount Gram soon after to play Knowledge of the Enemy to
invert Glory of Arnor Restored. Neeker-breekers taps these other elves.
Dark Quarrels cancels site Automatic-attack. Now,the rescue attack is faced. But is canceled by another Dark Quarrels.
That place needs a spa. Strider taps to rescue Milo tapping the site. Glorifindel taps to play the STolen knowledge event.
Milo is on his own when Thorin has his next turn.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:22 am

R043 When to allow faction movement

I would like to avoid faction wars early in the game and to have time
for influencing away factions.

Thus, faction movement is prohibited until a player has exhausted his deck once.
Other restrictions apply including a mustering card.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:26 am

R044 Body Check modifications during CvCC

I like to have CvCC to include payoffs of more deaths and to
punish a weak character facing a tough attacker.

Body checks resulting from CvCC are additionally modified by +1
for every increment of 5 between combat.

For example, Glorifindel visits Tharbad to attack Ardagor's Trolls.
Glorifindel's final prowess is 19.
Troll-Louts final prowess is 9. The difference is 10 or two 5s.
The body check for the troll is modified by +2.

I was considering to instead us the normal MP of the winner as a modifier.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:55 pm

R045 Hazard Cards with Events and Attacks

Some cards have an attack and event effect including At Home Dragons
and the MEBA Spawn hazards.

The rule is that the attack is global, but event effect only applies
to the Division it affects.

Scatha at Home is played by Smaug the Golden against the Eriador Division.
Smaug is affected by the influence modification as does the Minion Northern Waste Division
and Hero Eriador Division. But Thranduil of Mirkwood is not, but is affected if that elf-lord
enters Gondmaelgom.

I feel a global effect is too powerful and too much hassle to track.
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Re: 112-Fate-Rules

Postby dirhaval » Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:03 pm

R046 Forced Exhaustion

Any player will be forced to exhaust his deck at the end of Turn 20 if he has
yet to exhaust his deck twice. "Penalties" to deck exhaustion will only affect the player.

The current practice game will have a few not exhaust for the second time by Turn 21.
Some players will exhaust on Turn 17 or 18 given the chance to exhaust again on Turn 24.
I think allowing a player to not exhaust by Turn 21 allows an unfair advantage to shuffle
hazards that will be horrendous to his main hazard player for the Council Turns.

The penalties mentioned are those forcing a discard such as Token to Show, but not sites
in the discard pile. Therefore, before Turn 21 commences any player yet to exhaust twice
is forced to place any cards of his playdeck into his discard pile and proceed as if exhausted except his main
hazard opponent's cards are not discarded due to the exhaustion.

I am confident better players will exhaust twice by Turn 18 due to better decks and use of on-guard.
I think not exhausting twice by Turn 21 will be an embarrassment to a better player.
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