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Postby dirhaval » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:29 pm

Here is a card idea before I post his deck. No internet yet at my place. 3 weeks and counting. Gotta be a record.

I read Prison's Spell is Fading. That card has changed much. My first thoughts is that Durlach is regulated to
play only Flame of Udun and Master of Dread and Fear. If he can move to any haven then I would like the card.
The use of magic events does make his deck packed with cards just to move.
For now, the card idea below is to help Durlach move. The idea comes from MERP Northern Waste that
magic or spell use near the Well weakens the prison. Now, the counter on Prison's Spell is Fading is four.
That means an opponent may play so many events that the counter cannot move anymore.
If you read the Evermist deck, then you will see rituals to be played about 8x every 10 turns.
The deck I am making now for Durlach has 5 sorcery events. Durlach just needs to move 1-2 sites
from Under-forges for his weapon, Descent Through Fire (playable at Remains of Thang...) and
CvCC. Then the second deck will have him at Eithel Morgoth to influence factions and CvCC.
So he is not totally a loser.
However, he does need Flame of Udun in play for playing Prison's Spell is Fading. So this may
slow him down quite a bit.

Unique. Durlach Specific. The following applies when Durlach is at a site in Narthalf or at any of its adjacent sites. For every magic, spell and ritual event played by your opponents’ characters at a site in Narthalf, at the Under-Forges or moving to the Under-Forges, you can take a magic card from your discard pile to your hand. If Durlach is at any site in Narthalf, then you can take a magic card to your hand if your opponent plays the event in or moving to a site in Narthalf or its adjacent regions. If Master of Dread and Fear is played by Durlach, then you can take a magic card if your opponent plays such an event at a site or moving to a site in the Northern Waste.

Will Prison's Spell is Fading be discard if Flame of Udun is removed from play? I think not by the card text.
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Re: 624-Durlach

Postby dirhaval » Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:01 pm

Durlach has long been investigating the weakness of his prison. Alas, he has find a way.
He has recruited a sorcerer to use magic in exchange for freedom for the balrog.
Agog will move on the surface recruiting factions and playing a runeknife that is
a bane to the Elves of Evermist's mission.
Lugronk will be in the under-deeps playing allies and finding special items. Herumor
must not be at the same site as the avatar. Sorcery events are provided first to
allow movement for Durlach else for offense. There is only one non-avatar magic user
in the deck. Runeknife of Risinth will be found for later attack to grab a Tear of Yavanna.

Roots of the Earth will be carved into a Darkhaven for later combat. The Well is a resource allowing
the fetching of magic events if another uses magic, spells, or rituals near the pit of lava.
This deck is ambitious in the many changes of fanu by the avatar. A turn by turn analysis
is given along with company composition for each fana throughout the game.

Master of Dread and Fear is the first fana, then Flame of Udun to weaken the prison.
Strangling Coils moves to play Roots of the Earth. Followed by MDF again when Agog plays factions. Finally,
Strangling Coils is used to CvCC the elves on the surface. Lugronk moves on the Old Road under the Illuin Mountians
and on the Grey Road under the Iron and Grey Mountains.

The hazard deck is harsh to those in the Northern Waste with the creatures and dragons. May be too limited in range.
Hazard events include Arda Marred and Morgoth's Ring. This last hazard allows the discarding of two hazards from hand
at anytime to cancel the discarding of this card, which allows the discarding of the limited-scope creatures. Twelve environment
hazards will wreck movement on the surface
04-12-2015...fanu changes, changed some cards
(142.5 KiB) Downloaded 113 times
624-Durlach_ WormWolves.doc
12-06-2014...first upload; complete file.
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Re: 624-Durlach

Postby dirhaval » Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:53 pm

I made changes to the Avatar deck after beginning with Durlach's Power Deck.
I added the new file and updated the text in that message above.

Changes were to simplify the fanu uses, sideboard manipulation. and to protect Durlach during his movement.
Eddy in Fate's Tide and Descent Through Fire were replaced by Roots of the Earth
and a third Maker's Map. There is a slot for one more resource. This can be Descent Through Fire
for there is time to visit another site to play this mission using Strangling Coils and followers.
Roots of the Earth at the Wind-Deeps allows a healing site for Lugronk so to combat
the Demons or Felagrog in the Under-Deeps during the Power Deck. Durlach might join them
in the Power Deck underground. We'll see.

It is difficult to decide on the Power Deck purpose of Durlach. I do not want to invade a dwarf-hold
as with the Demons.
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