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Postby dirhaval » Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:14 pm

I need to explain for the moment the slots for the Power Decks for the bad guys.

There will be 8 slots from the 20 players.
The 9 Ringwraiths will fight for 3 slots.
The 4 Servants will fight for 1 slot.
Sauron and Court of Ardor will fight for 1 slot.
The two Dragons, two Balrogs, and Demons will fight for 3 slots.

If Sauron does not earn a spot. He can still have a Power Deck.
This is done if a Ringwraith has more MP than any non-RW who earns
a Power Deck. What happens is the third RW who earns a Power Deck will
give his slot to Sauron. This means if it were just a MP race for the slots
the lowest RW in the top 8 will give his slot to the poor playing Sauron player. Something like that.
That means Sauron will have to abandon someone. Initially, he was hoping to have Witch-king in Angmar,
Khamual at Dol Guldur, Ren at Minas Morgul, and a Servant at Umbar. If this blunder happens, then
the Angmar will be abandoned just like the books during the War of the Ring.

If the Court of Ardor gets a Power deck, then either a wizard, Valdaclian or the Guild player must secure a slot to face them
for a smooth transition to be in the Utter South. Elrond to go, but you have to travel down there first after or during the Councils.
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Re: 225-Slots

Postby dirhaval » Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:31 am

The Hero players have 8 slots for the Power Decks.

Naturally, each Wizard has an automatic slot.
The four dwarves will contest for a slot.
The six elves will also vie for a slot, but the Elves of Evermist likely will be given one automatically due to the Tears of Yavanna.
The four atani-lords and Valdacli will contend for the last slot. However, the winner of these five will be the Elessar avatar player in the Power Decks.

Those with an eliminated avatar are removed for consideration. If all of the Lords from the same race are eliminated, then the next
highest MP player gets that slot. Of course, with no avatar for Valdacli, Elessar is given a slot...unless all the Valdacli are eliminated too.
That seems unlikely.
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