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Postby dirhaval » Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:58 pm

A spawn of the under-world and Angmar has been sent loose on Eriador.
The Witchking has promised Eriador to this half-troll. First, he must rid
it of the infestation of dwarves.

Ardagor is a Warlord - the only Grey player Warlord avatar. He will lead many trolls over land and
in the Under-Deeps to kill dwarves. He will not dedicate himself too much
in the Under-deeps since a fire demon has been spotted under Moria.
Ardagor will lead the company to the Under-deeps using Far Below the Deepest the Under-Gates.
He can surface in Angmar if he is weak and wounded.
Another company will influence factions and find a Dwarven Ring.
Near the end of the second deck, factions will go to war and attack the Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold,

This avatar does not have issues playing minions since many are non-unique trolls.
This avatar seems fun to play for his out-of-the-way Lair, mixing Underdeep movement
with CvCC. Most of his sites will be Ruins.

He may bother the Dwarf Minion player to steal the slot for the Power decks.

The hazard deck is troll creatures and their ability to cause havoc.
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Re: 652-Ardagor

Postby dirhaval » Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:27 am

The resource deck had slight changes:
add Knowledge of Their Making mainly for the stage points,
add Great Army of the North

The hazard deck is now finished. You guessed it. Trolls; 18 creatures.
Hazard events include site hazards such as Siege.
No Way Forward is in the sideboard for use during the Warlord phase.

Each turn is forecast to learn about ability to play resources and hunt dwarves.
This avatar is expected to raid the Blue Mountains just before the end of the Councils.
Big, tough, and dumb trolls on a rampage.
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Re: 652-Ardagor_Trolls

Postby dirhaval » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:13 pm

The modified deck after 16 turns of the practice game is now ready.

Not much has changed except an emphasis to collect trophies instead
of burning. It is awkward to mix Under-deeps movement for this player.
I might exchange Anguriel for Bloodspiker - need to know if Durlach
is open for a trade.
full summary; update after practice game
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