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Postby dirhaval » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:20 pm

Many schemes and dark dealings has lead the Mouth of Sauron to command much at Dol Guldur.
Yet, he desires more. His task to remove the Wood-elves from Mirkwood will cement his favor
with Sauron.

The Mouth is based at Dol Guldur to use his faction-gathering abilities. He will have Lt. of Dol Guldur
as a Warlord to lead nine minions in one company to CvCC Thranduil and his elves. Orc and Spider factions
will be played and wait until the War. Whispers of a Dwarven Ring lost in Mirkwood has the attention
of the Mouth. Elves will be Abducted to suit the purposes of this evil mind. Azog, another Warlord is near.
The Mouth might have to sabotage his ally to secure a spot of leadership for the War.

This player has MANY resources to play for MP...may be too many. This player is not a Grey Player Warlord.
If he was, then he could not play a character with a mind greater than six. This is an avatarless Black Player.

If you want a large company of orcs hacking and slashing, then this is it.
updated file and deck after 40-player practice game
(293.2 KiB) Downloaded 87 times
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Re: 651-Mouth

Postby dirhaval » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:03 am

Ally Cave Troll was removed for the new spirit-magic event Familiar.
SulferSpawn, Spider of Morlat as an ally, was considered.

The updated file has a turn-by-turn expectations for each company.
The Mouth is busy with playing factions for the first 20 turns. Keep him
out of CvCC unless SulferSpawn is selected using Game Points for the Warlord Phase.
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Re: 651-Mouth

Postby dirhaval » Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:18 pm

I have updated the deck file in the first thread.

Changes from Deck-01 after 16 turns of the practice game include:
Both Grunts replaced by Orc Archer to allow killing characters. Forest Troll replaced by a third
Tracker to have more Orcs. Ugluk replaced by Orc-Chieftain to allow that Uruk to be useable by
a Fallen-wizard.

Fizzling Torch removed for Share of the Treasure for later use of Treasure Vault. Honey added.
Sled-horde replaces Snaga-hai and use of Dead Marshes. Great Goblin removed. To Satisfy the
Questioner replaced by Seize Prisoners.
Get You Gone removed for Treasure Vault.

Bairanax at Home removed with one Animal in the deck.

New Moon replaced by Tribal Totem to use Redoubled Force with Tidings of Bold Spies.
Host of Bats removed for the Power Decks and use with Shadow of Mordor; replaced by Orc-
Archers to tap characters so to redirect strikes and play Pierced by Many Wounds.

Strayhold now being use along with The Carrock sites. Gladden Fields abandoned for Gaurblog
Lug. Mount Gundabad replaced by Strayhold to play a major item. Giant’s Isle replaced by The
Carrock to be away from Bolg.
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