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Postby dirhaval » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:11 pm

The Black Easterling has come to his abode on the Naked Hill. He has brought with him
rangers from the Far East and evil men to dislodge the Elves of Lothlorien.

This avatar will use sorcery magic in almost every company and recycle such
events with a magic ring. Khamual will play ring special items. Many prisoners will be taken that venture
near Southern Mirkwood using Black Rain. Grimburgoth will be the main minion for this avatar.
Helm of Madness will help capture heroes in CvCC. Khamual will be in Fell Rider mode for most
of the Fate deck until he plays Black Horse.

The hazard deck uses Scout agents with Sudden Fury in Wilderland to disrupt heroes, specifically
discarding factions for the upcoming war. Why fight a faction when you can discard it?
Most of the sites visited by this avatar are close to Dol Guldur so the agents will be "away"
from these sites for him to use.
Update to full file; some changes made
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Re: 632-Khamual

Postby dirhaval » Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:18 am

Here is the summary without the table of sites tapped and things played.

The game was considered a success. 30 or so MP played in 19 turns. Sauron will try to start the Black Council by Turn 15. The red color sites are those sites tapped. The first deck exhausted during Turn 11. Only Hador was eliminated, which was when he was moving back to a darkhaven for discarding so to play Eradan. Hador played a sorcery event and rolled a 2 on the CC. Good for Khamual! Saves a turn.

Khamual came into play during Turn 3. He quickly manipulated the sideboard. X in blue indicate CvCC. There were 16 successful site phases away from a darkhaven, which is the amount expected. After the play of the faction Crebain from Dunland the company moved to Ost-en-edhil to play a gold ring item, which had the group vulnerable. The one failed site phase was Beasts of the Wood attempt at Woodmen-Town during Turn 13. It was difficult the timing of having the unique mind ring and Grimburgoth and By the Ringwraith’s Word in the playdeck. Ulgarin was not played until Turn 16. Might want to play one of the extra minions if you can and move that minion just for CvCC. If killed on the trip to the site, then no loss but gain of drawn cards. If you kill a hero, then great. If not, then move the minion back to a darkhaven for discarding.

Khamual played Fell RIder 4x. First was to play Gold Reward. Then on Turn 11 to play his Dragonhelm of Uon. Two other times he played Fell Rider for CvCC. I like to have him CvCC at least one more time before playing the horse ally. So maybe play Gold Reward after playing Black Horse, so Gold Reward will be used in the Warlord Deck for his minions.

Overall, okay timing. The Ringwraith was unleashed. If you have a choice to either play a MP event or CvCC a vulnerable company, then discard the event and attack.
Fun to play with all the sorcery events.
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Re: 632-Khamual

Postby dirhaval » Sat Nov 15, 2014 3:51 am

I updated the file. I added the turn-by-turn expectations for each company to gauge
if the player can do all that he wants. Dragonhelm of Uon was removed.
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Re: 632-Khamual

Postby dirhaval » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:19 am

The file is updated in the first thread.

DECK CHANGES from 40 player fate deck
Keep in mind I think the minions have an advantage of gaining MPs over the hero players.
Therefore, I want to add complexity to a minion’s deck if possible. This deck is complex with
movements and prisoners.

Dogrib has been removed for Eradan with the Helm of Madness allowing his 4-mind to be
controlled with direct influence.

Second copy of MR Weals removed for MR Enigma. The new ring is there for the Power Decks
if a lack of Sages are available.

That’s Been Heard Before Tonight copies removed to focus on moving to play News of the
Shire. Not Careful About That stays in the deck. Using Cult of the Long Night and collecting
prisoners takes the turns that the stolen knowledge events were given.
White Light Broken and Twisted Trees added to support more magic use and card flow of the
plant creatures.

Black Council, Shadow of the Power, Variag Priestess, and Prancing Pony removed for deck

Wield It While I May and Things Might Go Ill replaces Some Devilry at Work and Nothing to
Eat or Drink.
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