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Postby dirhaval » Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:15 pm

He has returned.
The Lord of the Nazgul orders are to evict Elrond from his Last Homely House. Undead and shadow-magic
events are the keys in doing this. Elves will be hunted and the dead will be drawn for war. Not yet.
Another terror in Eriador will fight the first war, then when there is no hope of help for Elrond that is
when the WitchKing will attack Rivendell.

A few shadow-mage agents roam the lands derailing the rangers and seaward elves. Resource events
combine the undead creatures to that of your minions.
Battle and war draw near in the Fallen North Kingdom. His master wants to know about these halflings.
An olog wears a magic ring of fury and the dead are raised. Orcs from Angmar
are joining the ranks of evil men of Angmarim. Nothing will be left standing west of the mountains
and east of the sea.

This decks is different than it was years before; more fun in my opinion with Bilbo's Trolls
using weapons for high prowess. I might just bring them back to this avatar.
version7 full update
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Re: 631-WitchKing

Postby Thorsten the Traveller » Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:14 pm

Nice deck once more!
Couple small things:
-you have Grishnakh a couple of times in the document, rather than Grashûk. As I don't see him in the list, I suppose this is an error.

-there is a bit of unclear technical issue. In DC rules at least -if you assume these for FATE-, if you want to start at another site than normally allowed, your starting company may not have more non-unique characters than unique characters. This could be easily solved by substituting one Orc Sniffler with e.g. Ostisen. However, Iron Home allows you to start at Carn Dum, not sure this circumvents the rule.
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Re: 631-WitchKing

Postby dirhaval » Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:12 pm

Thank you for the comment.
Yes, I was sloppy with the names. I also left in the summary Back to the Fray; that event is not in the deck anymore.
So when you noticed a file updated it is a minor change like this that I will not post of the update.

I recall seeing that rule of starting companies. However, I am using Morgul-Lord to start at Carn Dum.
So am I still legal starting at Carn Dum? I need to include too starting events listed next to the starting companies.
I realized this week of agents and the meta-game. That is is it possible for a player to use hazards on an agent
who is targeting a resource not in the same Division as his resource player?
>Is it possible for Necromancer in Eriador Division to play Twisted Tales during the Move phase on the Blue Mountain Dwarves
when Denethor is his resource player? I will say Yes since the agent is targeting the resource and not the hazard.
If you want to have the agent to act in the Move phase on a company then it has to be the resource player.
So some movement of agents are needed when Divisions change Res/Haz players for those stealing and Sudden Fury agents.
The meta-game for Witch-king might have to move his agents back to their home sites in the first 3/4 of the first two decks,
then use NB/IC to get them into Eriador.

That Ongrum item is great! Burned and Chopped Up seems easy to store now.
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Re: 631-WitchKing

Postby dirhaval » Fri May 30, 2014 12:07 am

The deck is updated with the hazards and commentary.

There are many undead hazard events...too many for one deck.
So I made a variant undead hazard deck with Hoarmurath.
View Witchking's last page to see the list of undead hazards.
The hazards not in the two Ulairi decks will be in the Power Deck
so each undead hazard will be played!

Note that the agent strategy assumes moving to Eriador when
played, but depending on the order of Divisions the agents
might stay in his own area for use, before moving to Eriador.
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Re: 631-WitchKing

Postby dirhaval » Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:58 am

I modified this deck after the clumsiness of a moving Witch-king.
Nothing drastic. I played a few times to gauge playing of resources.

Feagwath is now a permanent minion with his own company.
Grashûk is now a follower to Rogrog. That company is lethal.
Using Shadow of the Power for Ringwraith mode was a drain on
available minions to play resources so I dropped it.

It appears that the players will have 16 non-Darkhaven site phases to play
a resource and four more for CvCC in 18 turns - the end of the Councils.
I am pushing it a bit with the number of resource MP events to play.
That is okay since the event MPs will be played during the Warlord phase.

For the WK, I have a turn-by-turn breakdown of expected site phases to
gauge who is where and doing what. Rogrog has 15DI using his axe and olog-power
to reduce body stats. I might add Poison that can be played after use of Ghost-bane.
Ouch! This will be a deck to desire to play. Slow at first, but momentum will be like an avalanche
for Elrond when the minions are bored.
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Re: 631-WitchKing

Postby dirhaval » Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:44 am

After setting the Warlord phase to start on Turn 17, this left no time for the Ringwraith
to CvCC.
I made the following changes:
removed the undead faction,
removed the agent shadow-mage from the deck,
added Orc-Shaman whom can use shadow-magic for the turn if a trophy is removed from the company,
Feagwath carries Ghost-bane. He has 8 prowess vs. undead.

Eyes of the Shadow x2 were included in the hazard deck for the Warlord phase.
Morgul-knife removed for a second copy of Severed Tokens.
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Re: 631-WitchKing

Postby dirhaval » Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:55 am

Version 7 is updated to the first post.
I have been rewatching the Eowyn, Witchking battle on Youtube from the animated
version of the film, which that scene is much better with full quotes by Lady of Rohan!

The practice deck's summary is the next in queue. It was a mess to play with
Origins Revealed and Twice-baked Cakes; I changed Feagwath into the ally version and
that was trouble. I played this deck poorly.

Now with the changes this player can have momentum to combat Elrond harshly
with warts and all. The second page of the newly updated file discusses
the card changes in the deck. Enjoy!
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