Middle-earth: The Sun-lands expansion

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Middle-earth: The Sun-lands expansion

Postby Vastor Peredhil » Thu May 15, 2008 3:23 pm

Ok, with all cards moving to GCCG and using MSE, I rather display some message I send to my RPG online community for help on the project

Within GCCG, I know have introduced several dream card sets, but the newest I
want to do goes with the Working Name of The Sun-lands expansion

It wanted to have all region represented in it which surround the Haradwaith, so
from Umbar in the Nort-West to Chy in the East down to Sirayn/Sara Bask in the
south-east, in the south-west either Ciryatanírë/Hyarn will be the border of the
set (the seven-lands and the court of ardor will get their own set)

the shear size of the region might force me to reduce the area I want to cover
and take out all the regions bordering onto the Bay of Ormal, but I believe the
regions of Harshandatt & Clyan/Chy actually belong to the regions influence by
the "Sun-lands & the Sun-lords of Boziha-miraz

so guys, even if you do not know the game, give me some feedback :)

Which sites/cities/temples places of horror should be within this set (and which
shouldn't be) the total set count should be between 234-279 cards (the number
must be divided by nine for being able to print 9 cards one 1 DinA4 sheet)

which armies factions should be mentioned as not all small village raiders can
be introduce into the game,

Which character of the realms should be displayed for the game (e.g. Adûnuzîr
II, Nîlûphel and Ûrêkhâd, and Ûrezîr all from Bellakar,

Which forces of evil: Pharacas the Sea-warden in control of the area, the
Sun-lords of Bozisha-dar, but who else?)

there is so much more to the game, that needs to be done, but I need to start
with a region map based on the OM2 maps, hopefully I can give a display of it
here soon
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