ME: The Necromancer Suggestions

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ME: The Necromancer Suggestions

Postby Darksatin » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:07 pm

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I have some remarks about 2 cards :

Marauding Band of Orcs
Playable on a company containing an Orc leader. Discard if the company contains more than one non-Orc character. There is no limit to the size of this company. Orcs in the company with a mind of two or less do not require influence to be controlled. There is no limit to how many Orcs may be brought into play from hand with the company on a given turn. Attacks against the company cannot be cancelled.
It seems too powerful for a Balrog player.
Maybe make this card "Black Player only"?

The Unfaithful
Sauron only. Diplomat only. +3 to an influence check by the diplomat against a Man or Dúnadan faction. If this is an opponent’s hero faction, the check receives an additional +3 (+6 if the faction is playable at the diplomat’s home site); if successful, the faction is not discarded but placed in your mp together with this card. Target faction cannot tap. Cannot be duplicated for a given influence check.
We have already a +3 Sauron faction influence card (The Dark Power).
So, maybe this card could be played only against hero factions ?
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Re: ME: The Necromancer Suggestions

Postby Thorsten the Traveller » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:04 pm

Marauding Band of Orcs: we did think about it, but as with A Few Trusty Lads, we considered it a pity if Fallen-wizard/Balrog could not use it.
Why do you consider it too strong? The unlimited playing of characters only applies if they come from hand, not from sideboard. So the difference between Balrog and black player is 2 characters per turn, is a very big thing?

The Unfaithful: yes the card is designed to be useful especially in influence attempts against opponent's factions, hero (probably) as it's sauron only. But as one can never be certain opponent has a Man/Dunadan faction in play, we liked it to be more flexible, otherwise it's destined to be a sideboard card.
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