New CoE logo/image for home page...

Re: New CoE logo/image for home page...

Postby Shapeshifter » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:38 am

As already mentioned I love Norloth for the logo. If this one is not suitable for a logo we have to look for another image. None of the other three would be suitable imo.

Concerning an image for the wegpage I would rather see something more related to our game. Why not use one of the images from MECCG for Rivendell by Stefano Baldo or Ted Nasmith? Jose-san's proposal is also very nice (Burning Eye or The One Ring).

If I would have to vote among the four images posted above, because time pushes, I see the following ranking:

1) Norloth
2) Aronja
3) Vandersteldt
4) Straub
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Re: New CoE logo/image for home page...

Postby the Jabberwock » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:37 pm

@ Jose-san
@ Shapeshifter

Thanks for voting. I want to clarify a couple points.

First, the new web page is not formatted the way the current (old) one is. Whereas the current home page has an image that runs along the top of the page and a small logo in the bottom left, the rest of the page is text. With our new home page, the entire page is the image, no text whatsoever except for the Menus which will run along the top. With that said, we are looking for a larger image/mural/piece of artwork. We do not want just a super sized One-Ring or Lidless Eye covering the entire page because that would likely look very odd. Now if we had someone make a custom version of one of these items... specifically to span the width of our home page, that might be quite nice, but a "blow-up" of one of the cards from the game wouldn't work. If you have an image in mind from Ted Nasmith or Stefano Baldo which they individually own the rights to, and you think it would look good covering an entire page, then please post them in this thread and we can perhaps add them to the poll if it is done quickly.

Second, we cannot display artwork for our home page that we do not have permission to use. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), that Tolkien Enterprises owns the rights to all of the artwork in the game and that I.C.E. was licensed to use that artwork for their game. It will be much more difficult to get permission from Tolkien Enterprises than it will be to get permission from a solo artist. (Not to say it would be impossible, but certainly much more time consuming and less likely to succeed.) Showing a copy of an entire card (which was legally licensed and printed) for informational purposes relevant to our game, and pulling a piece of artwork off of a card and using it for a mural are two different animals in terms of legality and copyright issues.

Third, the other 3 images (aside from Norloth) will not be suitable for the logo either. Again, I will let Wolfgang talk more on this since he knows more about what the logo will be used for.

Fourth, please keep in mind that the image on the new home page need not be permanent. Our new web page is going to be active and regularly updated (unlike the current one which hasn't seen an update in many years). If the Council comes up with an image which they like better in the future and that we can attain permission to use (or hire someone to create), then it will be easy for me to change the image to that down the road. But we do need something that is reasonable now, so that we can move forward with the new web page. If we want to try to get a graphic designer to do some custom work down the road, I think that would be a great idea (but of course that will take much more time to realize than we presently have).

As always, thank you for your participation and efforts. I hope the above clarifies a few points.
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Re: New CoE logo/image for home page...

Postby thorondor » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:28 am

Sry to tel you, but I dont think any of the images works as a logo. All of them are too detailled and there too many colors (even the norloth image, which I like a lot)

For a logo we need soemthing completely different. Jose also stated it already. We may want to use a logo especially for some COE prize stuff and as a pointer, that lets people immediately think of the COE (eg when another homepage links to the COE site).

Or think of a tshirt: small logo on the front side (where the heart is) and on the back a specific image that stands for an event as we had many times (with a text like "Worlds 2016").

Or we print some new maps or play mats, or dice, caps, dice cups, coins, ... the norloth-picture wont work, once because of technical limitations, but also because it is too much of a picture by itself.

I try for an example of a logo:

There is the text "CoE". This text is encircled by a ring, that is obviously Elronds ring (golden with a blue stone). Nothing else.
Its a ring, and rings are important. It can be used to sit in the corner of any items mentioned above. We can even make real rings and make a special version of it the prize for the World Champion.

There can be alterations like having the "CoE"-Text a part of the blue gem. Or as an inscriptionof the ring inside.

This is just an idea to show, how a logo could work. more opinions and better ideas are always welcome.

Of course in a case like this we need someone to create the logo. But I am sure we will be able to find someone with such graphic skills.

And here is my ranking for an image for the HP:

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Re: New CoE logo/image for home page...

Postby Thorsten the Traveller » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:35 pm

Ok, if Norloth is still too complex as logo, then we need to engage somebody to design something new.

A Vilya-type ring with CoE in the stone, could work. Or One Council to Rule Them All? :wink:

for HP:
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Re: New CoE logo/image for home page...

Postby the Jabberwock » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:28 pm

Voting has been open now for about 1 week.

I will leave it open for a couple more days and then will have to close it so that we can move forward with finalizing plans for the new web page.

Thank You
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Re: New CoE logo/image for home page...

Postby the Jabberwock » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:37 pm

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Voting has been open for 10 days and in the interest of moving forward with the new web page, voting is now closed. 5 of 8 active Council members cast votes.

The results are as follows:

Norloth - 16 points
Vanderstelt - 15 points
Aronja - 12 points
Straub - 7 points

I have reached out to the artist Norloth and received a prompt reply which granted permission for us to use this piece of art for our home page. I am currently formatting the art trying to make it look as nice as possible for the new web page. Much thanks to Norloth for granting us this permission to use this fabulous art!
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