[Virtual Suggestion]Going Ever Under Dark

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[Virtual Suggestion]Going Ever Under Dark

Postby Bandobras Took » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:15 am

Minion Resource Short Event

Playable on a faction during the organization phase if Virtual Grond or Alliance of the Free Peoples is in play. This turn, a faction in a region containing the surface site of an Under-Deeps site may move to that Under-Deeps site instead of using Region movement. Its marshalling points do not count for purposes of calling the Audience while at that site. Only one faction of a given player may be located at an Underdeeps site. Alternatively, this card is playable during the organization phase on a faction at an Under-deeps site if Grond or Alliance of the Free Peoples is in play. The faction may move to the surface site's region instead of using region movement this turn.

Just thought one might need a little defense against those Armies of the Dead. :)
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