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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 00:08

Name:  Tom Esterline
Favorite Character:  The Dude
Likes:  Rugged Individuals, 70's Cars, Wild Turkeys, and Dogs
Dislikes:  Big Government, Hippies, and Sheep
Arch Nemesis/Sworn Enemies:  The United Nations
Favorite Sport:  Bowling
Favorite Food:  Steak
Memorable Quotes: 
"I'll be there, man."
"Well, that's just like your opinion, man."
"Cowards, weaklings, bums!"

Best Bowling Score:  247
Favorite Bands:  The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, & The Creedence
Lebowski Fests Attended:  11 (4 Louisville, 3 Los Angeles, 1 New York, 2 U.K.,  & All Chicago Events)
Involved in Episodes: 17, Lebowski Fest 2008, 23 (bowling tip), Tom's NYC Fest Review

Tom, aka The Dude, is a staple at almost every Lebowski Fest.  He has been to festivals all over the world including Los Angeles, San Franciso, Chicago, UK, Louisville, and NYC.  Tom has a room full of trophies for winning Best Dude, Best Costume, and various trivia contest winnings.  Besides owning a closet-full of Dude-sweaters, Tom also has a room dedicated to Lebowski memorabilia and even drives a green Gran Torino with some rust coloration.  If you're ever at a Lebowski Fest or happen to see Tom tending bar at the Alley Cat on Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, be sure to say, "Hi," and tell him Chalupa sent you.



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