TQ, Episode 32
Podcast - Listener Spotlight
Sunday, 13 September 2009 14:26
Name: TQ
Location: Des Plaines, IL (Chicago suburb)
Occupation: Marketing Analyst in the Grocery Industry (i.e. reporting on the sales of half & half across the nation, sadly not for Ralphs though)
Personal websites, blogs, MySpace, etc: http://todaysquiz.blogspot.com (but I also contribute to LEBLOGSKI on www.lebowskifest.com)
Hobbies: Basketball, Writing, Live Music, Poker (when able to find a find a cash machine) and Golf.
Best piece of Lebowski memorabilia: 2 months ago I would’ve said my expensively framed Bill Green poster from the Chicago Lebowski Fest, but now I can proudly say it’s my 3rd place trivia trophy from the 8th Annual.
Favorite Lebowski character: Brandt
Recent Dude moment: At least one day every week, I have no idea what day it is.
How long have you been listening? Since March 2008
Favorite episode or podcast moment: When Brad (who a year and a half later finished first in trivia to my third) mentioned that a costume isn’t just wearing a shirt that says “Leads” on it and realizing that he saw me the prior month wearing a shirt that said “That’s Marvelous” on it…
How does The Big Lebowski apply to your every day life? If I’m not calmer than you are, I cue it up on my iPod (even if I’m at work and can only listen to it). I have difficulty “taking it easy man” most times and I don’t have Songs of the Whale on cassette.
Are you a practicing Dudeist? No. And if there was one character whose temperament I’d want to embody it would be Donnie’s.
How many times have you seen The Big Lebowski? Not as often as some, but a lot more than most.
Best Bowling Score: I will tell you if I ever crack 200.
Favorite Lebowski book: Would like to reserve opinion until I have read the book based from the Lebowski Symposium.
What is the best Lebowski reference or item you have seen in pop culture? The Toe Cake Chef Duff of Ace of Cakes.
What is your favorite movie with a Lebowski actor/actress in it? I know it barely qualifies, but I need to say Pulp Fiction.


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