Joe Blevins, Episode 29
Podcast - Listener Spotlight
Thursday, 14 May 2009 03:58

Name: Joe Blevins
Nickname/Forum name: The Creedence
Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Occupation:Low-level office worker.
Personal websites, blogs, MySpace, etc: None at the moment, but I have a bunch of stories at
Hobbies: Playing music, cartooning, watching movies.
Best piece of Lebowski memorabilia: My purple golf trophy from Lebowskifest Chicago.
Favorite Lebowski character: Brandt.
Recent Dude moment: There's a supermarket right near my apartment, and sometimes when I'm really bored I'll just go there and browse. That always feels Dude-esque.
How long have you been listening? Just a few months into the show's run. I think I discovered the show via a search on iTunes.
Favorite episode or podcast moment: Probably the Achiever etiquette one.
How does The Big Lebowski apply to your every day life? It becomes a filter through which you view almost everything you encounter.
Are you a practicing Dudeist? Nope.
How many times have you seen The Big Lebowski? Many. Too many to count.
Best Bowling Score: First and only bowling score was I think in the 40s. Weak.
Favorite Lebowski book: The BFI guide to the movie. Really good stuff.
What is the best Lebowski reference or item you have seen in pop culture? Probably the "My Name Is Earl" episode with Jeff Bridges' brother, Beau, saying, "Don't call me Lebowski!"
What is your favorite movie with a Lebowski actor/actress in it? Other than "Lebowski" or other Coen flicks, probably "Boogie Nights."

Joe Blevins has been a regular contributor to the podcast since he first discovered us.  We even had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2008 Chicago Fest, and later Joe was our guest speaker on Episode 16 - Film Technicalities.  Joe also has a Lebowski Fest Trivia Champion trophy on his mantle and we're hoping he successfully defends his title at the next Chicago Fest.



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